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In the Thunder member service, the off-line downloading solves the problem which has puzzled us for a long time, even if is some difficult to download the BT or the electric mule resources, we also can quickly the underground load, truly lets us realize the high speed and the stability to have simultaneously. The offline download development team has recently released new features that support pause and bottom-up, allowing us to better control these downloads.

One, suspend the function lets the off-line downloading to be better controlled

In the previous version of the Thunderbolt offline download, it is not good to control offline download resources. Now the Thunder offline download has provided a paused feature, so that we can better control these download resources.

1. Use Thunder offline download suspend function in webpage

We first open the and enter the Reyou account number and password, the authentication code (Figure 1), click the "Login" button to log in.

Figure 1 Login Thunder member for offline download

Then click on the download link at the bottom right to view the resource you are downloading, select it if you find a resource download low, and then click the Pause button above the toolbar (Figure 2). At this point, the next task starts downloading, so that we don't get dragged down by individual "slow resources."

Figure 2 pausing with offline downloads

Small Tips

★ If you do not have a Reyou account, you can click the "Sign in" button on the page of the 1 webpage to register the Reyou, and then upgrade to a member by using the following method.

★ As an important value-added services, to use offline download, must be a member of the Thunderbolt. If you are not, you can click on Figure 1 on the page "not Thunder member?" Immediately after the "open" button. After that, enter Reyou's account number and password, and follow the wizard to upgrade to a member. The member opens the payment channel to be many, moreover is very safe, buys the member service more, also may have more concessions.

★ Upgrade to the Thunderbolt members can also enjoy more benefits, such as the realization of shielding off advertising, for members to accelerate (development) and other practical functions.

2. Thunder 5.7 In the use of Thunder offline download suspend function

As long as the use of above version of the Thunderbolt 5.9 can use the built-in offline download service, the latest version of the download address: We have to do the same, first click on the Thunderbolt 5.9 main interface of the top Reyou area of the "Login" button, in the Open window to enter Reyou account number and password login.

Next, click on the "Offline download" button under "Application" at the bottom left of the main screen to see the offline download interface. If you find a resource with low download speed, you can select it, and then click the Pause button above the toolbar (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Using offline download suspend in Thunderbolt 5

3. In the Thunder 7.x uses the Thunder offline downloading to suspend the function

First click on the Thunder 7.x main interface on the top Reyou area of the "Login" button, in the Open window to enter Reyou account number and password login. In the Thunderbolt 7 main interface to the left of the "Offline Download" button, click will open a new window, which is familiar with the offline download window. If you find a resource with low download speed, you can select it, and then click the Pause button above the toolbar (Figure 4).

Figure 4 using offline download suspend in Thunderbolt 7.x

Second, the edge of the next transfer function to let some resources down first

The new version offline download also supports the edge of the function, that is, now do not have to wait for the resources to download to 100%, complete, and after the completion of the test can be downloaded. Now even if the resources are not fully downloaded, you can also select an offline task, click the "Download to local" button (Figure 5), download the completed download to the local (Figure 6), and the other resources continue to download offline, and continue downloading to the local after the offline download is complete.

Figure 5 Offline downloads support side and bottom transfer function

Figure 6 Downloading the completed resources to the local

This function is very useful for the inclusion of a number of resources of the BT resources is quite useful, the download speed of BT resources is relatively slow, with this function, you can download the completed offline resources first down to the local, other resources continue to download offline. For the TV series, it is also very useful, so you can download the completed offline episodes first down to the local, and first look.

Third, how to get more offline download resources

Finally, I say how to get more offline download resources. In fact, the Thunder offline download will be downloaded into three categories: ordinary tasks, BT task and the task of the Mule, directly click the appropriate button to start the corresponding function. There are two ways to get the address of an ordinary download and an electric mule to download resources: 1. Right-click at the download address of the Web page and select the "Copy Shortcut" command; 2. In the Thunder right click Related task (this task may be unable to download or download speed is very slow), select "Copy URL to clipboard" can be obtained. To obtain seed documents, there are three ways: 1. Right-click on the seed file, select the "Copy Shortcut" command, get the address at the end of. Torrent, and then copy and paste it to the URL URLs; 2. Right-click BT Download Task in thunder, select "Seed File Save as" command, and then upload it; 3. The Thunderbolt will save our BT seed files by default under the Userdataprofilestorrents subfolder under the installation folder (for example, C:Program Filesthunder networkthunderuserdataprofilestorrents), you can also upload the seed file from here.

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