Time zone Difference conversion (GMT,UTC,PST,PDT)

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The 2014 U.S. winter time Standard Time Stardand was launched on November 2 until March 8, 2015.

In winter, it is the standard time used in the wintertime. In areas where daylight saving time is used (DST), the summer clock dials for an hour, and the winter comes back, when the standard Time is winter.

Start end time for us winter daylight

The United States began in the winter of 2014 at 01:00 local time (14:00 GMT) and ended on March 9, 2015.

I want to convert PDT time at 7 o'clock is GMT time how much

PST time is the West eight district, namely GMT-0800

PST 7 o'clock is: ("Fri 18:59:59 Gmt-0800″)

So PDT Time 7 o'clock should be ("Fri Jul 17:59:59 Gmt-0800″)

That is the 10 point of Beijing Time 21st ("Sat 09:59:59 Gmt+0800″)


Here is the information.

Greenwich Mean Time GMT

UTC refers to coordinated Universal time-World coordination Time (also known as World standard Time, world unification time)
So basically the nature of UTC emphasizes the world time standard, which is more precise than GMT, but there is no difference between the function and accuracy of GMT and UTC for current models.

PDT is the abbreviation for Pacific Daylight time.
The U.S. summer begins on the 1th Sunday of every April, ending on the last Sunday of every October. Daylight saving time is one hour earlier than normal, and the PDT time corresponds to PST, Pacific. PST is the end of daylight saving time.

PST is the Pacific Standard Time (West VIII zone), with Beijing time (East eight district) jetlag-16 hours, that is, time of day minus 16 is PST. and PDT 1 hours earlier than PST, that is, PDT and Beijing time difference is-15 hours.

The United States spans the West five to the West 10 zone, a total of six time zones. Each time zone corresponds to a standard time, from east to West for Eastern Time (EST) (West Five zone time), Central Time (CST) (West Six zone time), Mountain Time (MST) (West Seven Zone time), Pacific Time (West time) (PST) (West VIII time), Alaska time (AKST) ( West Nine district time) and Hawaii Time (HST) (West 10 zone time), according to the "East early West Night" law, each decrements one hour.

US Standard Time Time difference with Beijing (hours)
HST -18
Akst -17
Pst -16
Mst -15
Cst -14
Est -13

The summer begins on the 1th Sunday of April each year, ending on the last Sunday of every October. Also known as Dst:daylight saving time:

US Summer Time Time difference with Beijing (hours)
HDT -17
Akdt -16
Pdt -15
Mdt -14
Cdt -13
EDT -12


Time zone Difference conversion (GMT,UTC,PST,PDT)

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