Tips for converting Word documents into TXT format in batches

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When you use Word to edit a document, you can save it in Word format as well as in other formats. But what if you need to convert a large number of already edited Word documents into text or other format documents? If you pass "Save as" it will be very time-consuming and laborious.

Someone might have said that using Third-party tool software, that's another topic. Here I want to tell everyone is: The bulk conversion document format does not seek "people", completely can use Word itself with the function can complete the bulk conversion document format work. In order to describe the convenience, the expert uses the Word document Format batch into the TXT text format as an example to introduce its conversion process, the concrete operation method is as follows:

First, preparatory work

First, we set up two temporary folders, a Word document to be converted, a Word document for conversion, and another named "Text Document", which is a TXT format document that holds the transformation completed.

Second, the implementation of the conversion Wizard

Select new Office Document from the Start menu, or select File/new, and the New document window pops up on the right side of the screen, and you need to click Common templates in the New document window on the right side of the editing window. The Transformation wizard that appears with different versions of Office may have a slightly different interface, but there is a consistent Conversion wizard feature.

Third, click the Other Documents tab in the New dialog box that pops up, and select Convert Wizard.

Next, in the Transition wizard dialog box that pops up, click the Next button.

Five, in the next dialog box to give two modes of conversion;

1. Convert other file formats into Word document formats;

2. Convert Word document formats to other file formats.

Six, in this article because we want to convert Word documents to txt text document, we need to select the second (convert from Word document format to other file format) conversion mode, and then click the Drop-down arrow from the Drop-down list select "Plain Text", click the Next button.

In the dialog box that continues to appear, select the source folder (the Word document to be converted) and the target folder (the text document), and then click the Next button.

In the New Pop-up dialog box, "Available files" lists all the Word documents in the "Word documents to be converted" folder. Click Next to select All (this is the only choice or one document) button to move them to the Convert file box, and then click Next.

Nine, when prompted the wizard is ready to convert files, you can click the Finish button to show a file conversion process status progress bar, where you can see the process of conversion, showing the total number of files and the number of files that have been converted.

When all the documents have been converted, a dialog box will pop up asking if any other conversions are required. Click "Yes" if necessary and click "No" if you don't need it.

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