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Let the computer automatically remember the mailbox password

Each time you receive or send a message, the software will ask you to enter your own mailbox password, and the password sent to your Internet company for check, if the password is not correct, you can not operate the message. Under normal circumstances, the password input, transmission and reconciliation about 30 seconds. If the software to remember the password, each time the mail operation, it will automatically transfer and check, do not hand-operated, can save a certain amount of time. Set password memory under Outlook Express: (1) Open Outlook Express, select the Tools menu, click the Account Item, (2) Click the Mail tab, and then select the mailbox name under account number; (3) Click the Properties button and select Server tab, (4) Select the radio button in front of "login mode" and enter the user's mailbox password after "password", but a set of asterisks is displayed. Finally click OK.

Increase the speed of a letter with an ISP mailbox

Now most of the free email support SMTP and POP3 protocol, so when setting up service account "Tools" → "Options" → "mail Server" in the "Send mail server SMTP" and "Accept mail server POP3" are all filled in the same server, such as Hainan Jian Heng Electronic post office are filled ", but is found to be slow to send messages with this server in use. Is there a shortcut? After the test found that the mail server does not have to and accept the mail server, it can be any one connected host, but preferably with you closest to the host as the fastest. Therefore, the account on the "Send mail Server" SMTP from the original "" to the server provided by your ISP will help you greatly improve the speed of delivery, and the recipient received the mail box or free mailbox. If I change it to my internet server "", the speed is simply not the same. This method also applies to other free mailboxes.

Send mail in a different mailbox

OutLook Express can use any one of your mailboxes to send e-mail. You do this by opening the File menu in the window after composing the letter in the New mail window. If you send mail in batches, click the "Send Later" command in the menu and select the email you want in the submenu. E-mail comes with your chosen email address when you send a message later. If you are sending a message immediately, click the "Send Mail" command in the menu, select the email you want in the submenu, and the email will be sent immediately.

Automatic sorting of incoming messages

Outlook Express 5.0 enables automatic categorization of messages through enhanced message rules so that incoming messages are automatically placed in a different mail folder.

(1) In Outlook Express, create a new folder to store various types of work-related messages, and then click OK; (2) Select the "Tools/Mail Rule/mail ..." command, and if no message rules have been created before, the system will go directly to the New Mail Rule dialog box Otherwise, you will go to the Mail Rules dialog box, and then click New ... button, (3) in the New Mail Rule dialog box, select Move to specified folder under rule conditions, if you have user in the From line, and then click in the rule description, respectively, under rules condition.    Include user hyperlink, (4) Type the sender's name in the Users box, click the Add button, or click the "Newsletter Book ..." button to select the sender directly; (5) Return to the New Mail Rule dialog box, click the specified hyperlink in the rule description, select the Personal folder under Inbox, and then rename the rule, such as personal mail Rule #, and then click OK; (6) Repeat steps 2 through 5, To create sorting rules for individual messages.

Save a common e-mail address in a mailbox address book

For the first time users of the Internet, will often write the e-mail address in the notebook, and then open a character and a character to knock up, it is a waste of time wasting money. In fact, you can use the "Communication book" to remember e-mail addresses. The communication thin has the ability to store contact information so that you can easily retrieve contact information. In Outlook Express, the "newsletter book" is used as follows: (1) Click the "Communication Book" command under the Tools menu, (2) In the Address Book dialog box, select New Contact under the File menu to add a new address, to modify an existing address, select an address from the list, Then click the "Properties" command to modify it, (3) Add or change it, and then click OK.

With the "Communications book", the work of sending a message is greatly simplified, you can send the e-mail address list by clicking the "Address Book" on the left side of the "to" menu to display the mailing lists, select one from, and click the To button.

Reject "junk mail"

Select Inbox Assistant in the Tools menu bar and click Add, which is divided into two sections, which are "processing criteria," and "Handling methods" below. For example, often receive a letter address is "" of junk mail, if you want to no longer receive it from now on, you can select "from" in the "Processing Conditions" section and fill in the address above, and then select "Remove from Server" in "Processing Method", and click "OK", You can see in the Description box that "if the sender's address contains ' ', remove it directly from the server," this achieves the purpose.

The method of forever releasing garbled

Set to Outlook Express 5 to fundamentally resolve the garbled e-mail message by: (1) Open Outlook Express 5, select Options on the Tools menu, click the Read tab, and (2) Click the Font button and choose Simplified Chinese ( GB2312) "and set it to the default value, set the" OK "button to go back to the Reading dialog box, (3) Click the International Settings button, select" Use default encoding for all incoming messages "and make sure to exit. Open all the mail again, the Chinese mail will not garbled.

Two ways to solve garbled characters

The biggest annoyance of using e-mail is getting garbled emails, which is especially serious for beginners, and now, in Outlook Express 5, it provides a way to solve garbled characters: first select garbled messages, click the View menu, point to GB2312 in the encoding command. You can also point to "other" in the "Encoding" command, which provides 19 character selections, such as "Allah character", "Baltic character", "Central European character", and you can simply click "Chinese (HZ)". Another method is: first select the garbled message, click the right mouse button to open the Mail shortcut menu, select the Properties command, and then click the Details tab in the dialog box that appears, click the Mail Source ... button in the lower-right corner, and then open the source file code for the message so that you can see the contents of the message.

Automatically add e-mail address

The OutLook Express address Book can greatly improve the speed and accuracy of entering e-mail addresses when composing letters, which provides automatic e-mail address add functionality. If you want to add selectively, after you open a message, right-click the sender name you want to add, and then click the Add to Address Book command on the shortcut menu. If you want to add all e-mail addresses to your email address, click Options on the Outlook Express Tools menu, open the General tab, and select the Automatically add target users to the Address book when replying to messages. All e-mail addresses that are not in the address book are then added to the newsletter.

Back up your Address Book

In Outlook Express, the Address book is important to record all your mailing addresses, but for some reason it is important to back up your communications thin when you need to reload the system or format the disk. In the "C:windowsapplication datamicrosoftaddress book" directory, find a file named Username.wab, where username is the registered user name on the computer. This is your address book, you can back it up under the specified path so that after you reload Outlook Express, copy to the original directory. If you have trouble with copy later, you can change the registration form once and for all. After opening the registry, locate the "default" string in the "My Computer hkey_current_usersoftwaremi-crosoftwabwab4wab File Name" key value. Right-click the string, select Modify, and change the path to the address book you saved. After you reload Outlook Express, remember to change back so you can find the original address book.

Insert an attachment in a message

Open a new message window, select Attachment from the Insert menu, or press the paperclip icon on the toolbar to select the file you want to insert from the Insert Attachment dialog box, and then press the Attach button. Then the text writing window will split in Split, and below it will display the file icon just added. In the same way, you can insert multiple attachments in one message, but only one at a time.

If you have an attachment in the message you receive, you can see a paper clip mark on the letter preview window that you can click to open the attachment.

Automatically add message signatures

In Outlook Express 5, you can use the method to implement the automatic signature feature:

(1) After you start Outlook Express, select the Tools/Options command; (2) In the Options dialog box, click the Signature tab, and (3) In the Signature tab, click the box before "Add this signature in all messages sent" to make it a checked state so that the automatic signature feature takes effect ;(4) In the signature box, create a new signature name, type all the personal information you want to add in the text box below, such as name, contact address, telephone number, etc. (5) If you want to automatically add the signature as you reply to and forward the message, you can click the box before adding the signature in the reply and forward message. Leave it unchecked; (6) Click OK to automatically add the signature to your message the next time you create a new message. Of course, you can click the "Advanced" button to set a nice signature for each of your accounts.

Back up your emails

Although IE's Outlook Express can export mail, unfortunately only a Feng Yi, if a few letters that good, many of the need to use the following method to achieve. Specific steps: (1) Open Outlook Express, enter the mailbox to be backed up, such as the Inbox; (2) Select the message you want to back up. Press and hold the key, click the first and last message can be selected; Hold down the CTRL key, click the message you want to select multiple messages; (3) Click "Forward Mail" with the left mouse button. At this point, the message you just selected is attached to the new message, (4) In the New Mail dialog box, select Save As (a) on the File menu, and then take a filename for this message.

The above method can have a selected export message. If you want to completely save your email, go to the C:windows application Datamicrosoftoutlook Expressmail folder and back up all the files.

Back up your email account

Multiple email accounts are not a novelty for netizens. If you need to back up your email account, run "Regedit" to open the registry and locate the following directory: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMICR

Osoftternet account manageraccounts, here you have all your accounts set up. With the mouse point on the accounts, select Export Registry file from the menu, select the selected branch in the export range, and then click OK. In the future, simply click on the backup file to join the registry.

Increasing the speed of receiving mail with ISP email

Free e-mail by netizens are welcome, but, free mailbox often access up very slowly. Use the following methods to resolve this problem: first enter your free e-mail, open the "Mailbox Configuration" → "Forwarding mail" (The vast majority of free mailbox provides this function), the e-mail address provided by your ISP in the "Go to the email address" column, select "Forwarding mail effective" can be. Of course, this approach is based on the premise that you also have a faster access to the e-mail provided by the ISP.

Send a text file

Our Daily Mail, ordinary text message completion to meet the needs, no need to use HTML mail, if there is no special images, tables or buttons and other reasons, should send text messages whenever possible. In Outlook Express, you set the method for sending a file message: (1) Click "Select" On the Tools menu, (2) Click the Options tab, (3) Select "Plain Text" in Mail send format and newsletter format, and (4) Click OK.

Take full advantage of the CC feature

Send a message to multiple recipients, and you can use the "CC" feature, which avoids sending multiple times. In Outlook Express, the method is: (1) Click the New Mail button, (2) Add the first mailbox address in "to", (3) Add the address of the other person that will be sent in Send, and (4) press Send command.

Use different mailboxes to handle different things.

With more and more open free mailboxes, it is common to apply for more than 10 mailboxes. You can use different mailboxes to handle different things: private letters and business letters in different mailboxes, subscriptions to different email magazines, and a special mail box if you are a regular contributor. In this way, each mailbox is categorized, a new mail can also be at a glance.

Quick Find Messages

It's not easy to find what you want in a whole bunch of letters. Find mail option allows users to search for messages in multiple folders to find any message in a folder or subfolder. Click the Edit menu, select Find Mail, and any of the following criteria can be used to find a message: Who sent the message, the subject or title of the message, the text in the message, and so on.

Send anonymous e-mail

When you set an e-mail address to enter a wrong address or simply do not fill in, this method can simply send anonymous mail, but can not be real anonymous, because others can be from your email letterhead to see the time of the letter, the use of mail server and other information. If you want to achieve the protection of important e-mail is not intercepted and to avoid their own e-mail address by people as an important means of attack targets, can be anonymous mail forwarders.,,, are the e-mail addresses of several anonymous transponders.

The command format for an anonymous mail forwarder is to enter an e-mail address for an anonymous forwarder in the recipient of the message.

The format of the letter body is: The first act is a blank line; the second line reads "::" (two colons), and the third line reads "Anon-to:" followed by the recipient's e-mail address; line four must be empty; From line fifth it is the text, and the body is free to write. Be careful not to write your own signature, or you can let the anonymous server white busy, if the use of e-mail software to provide the signature function, it must be closed.

This way, an anonymous mail forwarder forwards your mail to the person in the mail box. Anonymous mail forwarding server is only used to hide itself when necessary, we should observe online public on the Internet, and remember that it is not to be abused.

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