Tips for using the UltraEdit tool: UltraEdit cannot be copied or pasted.

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Tips for using the UltraEdit tool: UltraEdit cannot be copied or pasted.
Tips for using the UltraEdit tool: UltraEdit cannot be copied or pasted.

UltraEdit is one of the daily tools required by IT developers. however, the functions actually used are only a very small part of the powerful functions of this tool. flexible use of this tool can sometimes achieve twice the result with half the effort. I have recorded, collected, and summarized some tips and hope to help you. this is because I was surprised when I used the "column editing" method. I never knew this method before. this is also one of the purposes of writing this memo document.

Tip 1: How do I remove the lines in the edited text that contain a specific string? This technique is mentioned in the Help File of UltraEdit.
1. Press CTRL + R to call out the Replace window, and select "use regular expression ";
2. Replace % * your string * ^ p with empty content.
For example, if I have a text file, I need to remove all rows containing the and replace % * with null.
Note: ^ p is a line break of the DOS file type. If it is a Unix file, use ^ n.
It is also possible that your string ^ n, for example, ada ^ n, is handled. It is very convenient for UE of some versions.
Tip 2: how to add specific characters, such as commas (,) or -- at the end of a row --? With the above experience (in fact, I learned from my colleagues for the first time), press CTRL + R to call out the Replace window and select "use regular expression ". then you can find ^ p (or ^ n, if it is a Unix file) and use, ^ p or -- ^ p (or, ^ n) to "replace all. in addition, if it is a MAC (Apple) file, the line break is ^ r.
Tip 3: How do I delete empty rows? Refer to the above two examples, find ^ p $ and replace it with null.
It seems that the regular expression needs to be learned.

Tip 4: How do I add a timestamp to the edit file? ----------- F7 shortcut key. Can you try it?

Tip 5: Why is the Copy/Paste function unavailable? I have used UltraEdit several times to find that the copied and pasted content does not match.
It was not until now that I occasionally read the manual that I suddenly realized that UltraEdit has 10 clipboard (clipboard), which are switched by Ctrl + 0-Ctrl + 9 respectively. ctrl + 0 is Windows, and others are user-defined. I mistakenly call CTRL + n during the use process, and the result content will be faulty. have you ever met?

Tip 6: Is there latency even when opening a small file? This is also a problem I encountered. Every time I open a file, there will always be a few seconds of delay. What's wrong? Network Printer is a ghost! Open "advanced"-> "Settings"-> "Editor"-> "advanced" to see if "load/restore printer settings" is selected "? If yes, remove it (the location may vary depending on the version or Chinese version ).

Tip 7: Delete the content of the current row ---------- CTRL + e

Ultraedit can be copied and cannot be pasted.

In Ultredit, right-click "Clipboard (B)" And tick the Windows clipboard.

How to copy the hexadecimal code using the edit tool UltraEdit?

Right-click and copy the selected characters in hexadecimal notation. The copy result is as follows:

00000046 h: FF 00 00 00 00 5A 01 00 5B 01 00 00 5C 01 ;??.... Z ...[...\.
00000056 h: 00 00 FF ;..??????????????
00000066 h: FF ;????????????????
00000076 h: FF ;????????????????
00000086 h: FF ;????????????????
00000096 h: FF ;????

My UE version is 14.20

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