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Conversion of Chinese Simplified traditional web pages

FrontPage 2002 provides the functionality of simplified traditional Chinese translation. You can make a simplified or Traditional Chinese web site with a slight touch. To change the current Web page to traditional, simply click on the menu "View folder---Chinese Simplified traditional conversion". If you need to convert multiple pages at once, you need to open the folder option first. Select the multiple pages that you want to convert in the list of folders that appear, and then click the "Convert multiple Files" item in the dialog window that appears by clicking on the "Simplified Traditional Chinese" button on the toolbar, which has the conversion "Selected files" and "entire site" two options. We simply select one and click OK to wait for its conversion to complete. The same method is used to convert the entire site.

Set the size of 9 points

In web design, the 9-pound word is considered the most aesthetically useful font size. The overall layout of the Web page uses 9-pound words to look neat and generous. However, the Font Size list box on the FrontPage 2002 toolbar has only two-point font size and No 9-pound word for us to choose from. If we want to set a 9-pound word, we can use the following methods: first with the mouse to select the text, and then the cursor move the font size set in the box to the white, and then enter 9 and click Return to achieve the purpose.

Download the entire Web site

Because of the need for web design, we often have to go to the Internet to find some of the following download the entire site software, in fact, FrontPage itself has the function of downloading the entire site.
First select FrontPage 2002 "Files" → "import" and select the Import Site Wizard in the Web Site Templates window that appears. It will help you create a new site from an existing file on your computer or a site you already have.

Second, in the Import Site Wizard that appears, select where to import from, there are two options, one for "import from the local computer or the directory where the source files are located", another for the "from the World Wide Web site" Import, select the second item, and fill in the location below where you want to download the address of the site, click Next.
Third, in the window that appears, select the number of downloads (the number of layers in the page, default to five pages), and disk space (the default is 500K space). Here you can change according to your own needs. Click Finish when you have finished setting. The Import Site Progress display window appears, and the imported site is saved under the C:\My Documents\My Webs directory. Well, you can have a cup of tea to wait for FrontPage to download the website down.

accurate processing of images (positioning and thumbnails)

In FrontPage 2002, the picture should not be in Chinese name, otherwise it will not appear when the page is uploaded. In the previous version we could not achieve accurate positioning of the image, and to achieve the free movement of the image is not easy. However, in FrontPage 2002, we can easily achieve the precise positioning of the image operation. The specific steps are as follows:
With the mouse, select the picture you want to locate, and then click the Format menu item in the menu. and select "Position" from the pop-up drop-down menu and select "Absolute" under "position style" in the dialog window that pops up, so that we can set our own image size and position arbitrarily in the "position and size" bar. Or everyone in the "Positioning style" under Select "Absolute", and then in the editing area with the mouse arbitrarily drag the image to the specified location.

Image thumbnail refers to the image as the original proportion of the reduction, can be used as a preview, in the slow speed of the network can quickly display pictures of the map. Provides a convenient way for people to make thumbnails in FrontPage 2002. When you insert a picture into a Web page, right-click and choose Auto Thumbnail in the right-click menu that appears, the picture will automatically become a thumbnail style, and FrontPage 2002 has automatically done a hyperlink between the thumbnail and the original image. By double-clicking the thumbnail we can also achieve accurate positioning and size settings for the graph. You see, relative to FrontPage 2000来 say this is not a lot simpler?

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