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I've been reading a few forums and blogs about Google AdSense skills, and I feel the need to focus on one place, and I've written a few of my own tricks. Let's start with some of the most basic general knowledge, and then go into more detail on some more specific topics.

  Build an Empire?

When you decide to be a website advertiser, you fall into two different types of circles:

Publish 100 websites earning 1 dollars a day.

Publish 1 websites earning 100 dollars a day.

The reality now is that most people will eventually become one of those two. Having 100 sites can make you tired of maintaining, managing, and building content. Owning a website will allow you to withstand a variety of fluctuations and changes (search engine algorithm changes, market development trends, etc.). You can make a plan that suits you, but it must be at the beginning of a certain direction, not at the end of the day.

  Broad or single-minded

You can build your site around a broad or single-minded topic, and in general, content-specific sites are more suitable for adsense. Second, focusing on a field of writing can naturally make you an expert in that field, and may also make you an authority in your field.

If this is the first time you try to build an AdSense site, do something you like, which will make the whole process much easier and less painful. You should also make sure that you have a lot of talk and that your expenses can be controlled at a level that is acceptable to you. You may be very fond of medieval folk dances, but there are too few advertisers to use this theme (actually 0).

Once you've built a website that runs AdSense, you might want to try some high-priced keywords and even want to buy a list of some high-priced keywords. But some dangers may follow. First, keep away from this fraudulent click to make a lot of money, and second, it distorts the supply-and-demand relationship set out in the terms. Everyone wants ads on their site to click More than 35 dollars per click, but how many advertisers are willing to pay so much is really very limited. In addition, this kind of flow of competition will make competition intensified. So, if you can't catch up with a strong opponent, then don't try to compete with it. If you are strong enough, then you will have a chance. I have used a high keyword report provided by and are satisfied with the results.

  New Web sites, files, and maintenance

When you create a new site, please do not place AdSense before the site is completed. In fact, I did more thorough myself, until my website has completely established the internal link and has obtained the traffic, I opened AdSense. If you set up a Web site with little content, your adsense will almost certainly show ads unrelated to the subject, which is usually the case for new files on existing Web sites, especially on new or different topics, Google's crawlers can take days or weeks to regain access to your Web pages and get accurate ad-targeted ads. Tip: If you can get a lot of traffic from different IP addresses, this process will accelerate.

I like to build a Web site using include files, and I put headers, footers, and navigation in a common file. Such sites can become easy to manage and maintain. I also like to put my AdSense code in the include file, if I want to modify my AdSense code, I just need to modify a file. Tip: I will also use the program to open/close AdSense, I can set a global variable, by modifying its value to determine whether my AdSense ads are displayed or disappear.

  Manage URL Channels

The AdSense channel is an area for convenient statistics. You can set up URL channels to compare different sites, and you can set up sub channels for each URL. Finally, the channel you set up will be like this:

    • Banner
    • Rectangle
    • Connection
    • Banner
    • Banner
    • Rectangle
    • Rectangle

Although the channel lets you know who clicked where, but its report is a bit unreliable, your totals will always be correct, but if you view the report as a channel you find that some of the data will be displayed multiple times, but the cumulative sum is not. This makes the situation very confusing, so you still have to consider whether you really need a detailed report of the situation. Tip: At the very least, you want to know if a website generates revenue, make sure to enter it in the URL channel.

  Website design and Integration

Once you've decided to put AdSense on your site, you have to think about how to place it. If this is a new site, it is also simpler, if it is an existing site, it will be more cumbersome. Although some people can not do this, but most of the cases I would say, if you just copy the AdSense code to the site, you will get a geek. Although the style of each site is different, Google has released a number of illustrations showing the optimal location. There is no doubt that the center of the page and the left is the best point, now I have put the ads in the right place, but you should also know why to put it there, if the effect is not good, how to modify the adjustment.

Google has also released some of the more high-performance advertising size scenarios:

    • 336x280 Large Rectangle
    • 300x250 Inline Rectangle
    • 160x600 skyscraper

On my site, I use 336 rectangles and 160 of skyscrapers. Another of my best advertising sizes is 728 banners, and I don't usually use 300 of rectangular ads. So it's best if you can integrate ads better into your site, where changes can sometimes have dramatic effects. Tip: For new sites or new layouts, you should set up your own channels for each ad location, while constantly observing the user's habits and behavior.

Another way to improve the click rate is to integrate AdSense ads into the content. For example, the color of your content is black, then remove the AdSense banner border and make the title, text and links are black. Tip: Try changing your page hyperlink to a high-contrast color (such as deep red or dark blue), and then change the title of the AdSense ad to the same color.

In one situation, I find that confusing ads and content doesn't work, and that's the forum, especially for a forum that has a high stickiness. One trick is to randomly change the color and even position of the advertisement, correctly handle the position and color of the advertisement is a knowledge, you need to know how to configure the ads also can not make visitors tired, remember that the best 500 users to generate 1% clicks, do not 50 users generate 5% clicks. Tip: For the forum, try to put the ads under the first main post.

  Working with pictures

Another latest "trick" is to use a picture, put the picture above or below the AdSense position (Translator Note: This method may violate the latest AdSense program policy), using this method has been discussed in some forums, many people talk about the click-through twice. The most basic setting is to put your AdSense ads and images basically into a straight line. Whether this is fraudulent or deceptive click there is a certain controversy, obviously if using four flashing arrows next to the ads will be "luring user clicks", violating the AdSense terms, however, if the use of notebook computer pictures with laptop ads is not fraud it? It's up to you to judge for yourself, and Google and advertisers are also important, and if you're not sure if there's a problem with the form, it's best to email Google and let them have a look.

I have used the method of using pictures, and can tell you it is very useful, if your pictures and ads match well, then you can get the best results. For example, if your ad is about Apple pie, use a fresh-baked apple pie instead of cheese, apple, red Girl or red apple, and so on. Tip: Do not limit yourself to a fixed size ad unit, it should be available on other sizes of ads, such as 336 rectangles. (Plus, I've got some criticism on this issue and I'm not sure I can do that, but it's best not to use images that are easy to identify with a brand or product, and it might be more appropriate to use some pictures with generic features).

  Multiple AD units

Another way to increase advertising revenue is to use multiple ad units. According to Google's planning policy, you can place no more than three ad units on one page. Similar to the standard search results, the highest-priced ad units will be shown first, followed by lower prices. If you have enough advertising, then use all three ad units. However, you should pay attention to the profitability, assuming you can get 60% of the income (according to each 0.05-dollar click you get 0.03 dollars), if the ad from the third AD unit will only give you 3 to 5 cents, you should remove it from the page. Because this place does not allow your advertising unit to embody value. If an ad unit has high clicks and clicks, you should make sure that the highest-priced ads are displayed there. Tip: Use CSS to position the top of the ads to display the highest price.

  The AdSense in RSS

With the popularity of blogs and RSS, you will find that AdSense appears in the feed, but it does not do any good, for the following reasons:

You can only place one ad unit. You can't control the good position of the advertising unit. These ads are usually very poorly matched (getting better). Someone has developed software to screen ads.

I know people like to read the full text feed in the reader, and there are at least 10 reasons why full text output is more flattering to mobile and offline users, but if your site relies on AdSense for revenue and survival, it should be a summary output, bringing users to your site, Show them the ad.

  Advertising Agency Alliance

It's a good idea to put AdSense on the ad agency affiliate website. If you are selling 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 30 dollars of merchandise and get a 1 dollar rebate, if you find that the conversion rate is very low, Then absolutely should try AdSense. I like to put AdSense on my article page, for example, you have a website is selling shoes, then you should need some relevant articles to enrich the site, in these content to place AdSense is the most appropriate. Of course, these may not make you rich, but usually provide a steady amount of small income to cover the costs of similar escrow payments. Tip: If you find that your page can get more than 50 clicks per month, try writing a few more similar topics and linking it to a page, checking your log to see if others are accessing your site by searching for keywords.

  PPC Arbitrage

This is a dangerous project that I usually don't take risks involving. Basically, you can make a very low cost on a keyword, and then set up a guide page that contains high-priced ads or related topics, and you can get a profit on the difference between AdWords and AdSense, For example, you pay a 0.1-dollar click, get a 1 dollar click, so you get 0.9 dollars per click Gain, to get your AdSense ads approved, you need to add something valuable to the top, which may cause you to be k, so before you try to know what you are doing.

Well, if you have any other tips, tricks and secrets, send me an email or a message and let me know.

Original Author: Michael Gray
Google Adsense Tips, Tricks, and secrets
English translation: William Long
Tips, tricks and secrets of Google AdSense

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