Titlemotion Pro installation in Premiere Pro 2.0 graphics Tutorials

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Inscriber titlemotion v5.1 Pro for the world's leading graphics and subtitle Plug-ins, Titlemotion provides the latest options (TV professional subtitles production),

Inscriber Titlemotion Pro is an enhanced version of Titlemotion, which adds a variety of graphics and dynamic texture effects that will add a richer graphic effect to your work.

Below is the Titlemotion Pro installation in Premiere Pro 2.0 graphics tutorial

1, install Titlemotion Pro for Premiere Pro, in the first occurrence of the installation path "C:" dialog box,

Be sure to change the installation path to the installation directory for Premiere Pro 2.0 X:adobeadobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Plug-insen_us

Description: This mainly IMINSCRIBERTM.PRM and IMINSCRIBERTMFILE.PRM into the PR, the correct installation should be in Adobeadobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Plug-insen_ US has a inscribe folder, which has the two plug-ins, then in the PR of the new menu will appear a tm option.

2, the choice of TM installation directory, the default under C, completed without reboot.

If your C disk is big enough, ignore it (if you are installing the other letter, follow the instructions below)

3, after running the Videoediting.ru.HASP.emulator simulator, do not reboot the system,

Copy Inscribe,cgstmp.dll,ift32.dll to program folder overwrite original file

4, if you install titlemotion in other disk, please open Inscribe.ini modify inside

"C:" of "C:Program filesinscribertitlemotioninscribe.templates" instead of the one you installed

"X:program filesinscribertitlemotioninscribe.templates", altogether needs to change two places.

5, click start → run, enter regedit command, return. Registry Editor appears. Find Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowsntcurrentversionlanguagepack in Registry Editor,

and remove the registry key value LanguagePack.

6, reboot the system.

7, Titlemotion Pro 5.1 when Chinese, in the first appearance of the Selection Folder dialog box entered "Titlemotion",

Click "Next", the emergence of the Chinese path please be sure to choose in X:program filesinscribertitlemotion,

(The default is C:Program Filescanopusediusinscribertitlemotion_, must be changed to!).

8. Copy the Icgrender.dll file (typically in c:_) to the Adobepremiere Pro 2.0 root directory.

9, start Premiere Pro 2.0 can be found in the menu FileNew inscriber TM title

When you run TM, select the TGA sequence to export the dynamic caption, otherwise you cannot save directly to PR Pro.

Titlemotion 5.1.Pro cracked method correctly installed in Premiere Pro 1.5

1, install titleMotion5.1 for Premiere Pro,

In the overall search Icgrender.dll files (typically run to c:_) are copied under Adobepremiere Pro 1.5. Reboot.

2, run "Videoediting.ru.HASP.emulato" this cracked patch, do not reboot.

3, copy "Tm.exe" "InScribe", "CgsTMP.dll", "Ift32.dll" These four cracked files, to the program C:/Program Files/inscriber/titlemotion folder, covering the replacement of the original file.

(This step does not do well or download the patch itself has problems, start TM error, appear "dongle error" such a hint. )

4, run Regrdit, enter the registry, find:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows Ntcurrentversionlanguagepack, deletes the registry key value.

(This step is not done well, input Chinese will appear like Russian garbled.) )

5, reboot. Ok!

6. (very critical) after the first turn on the TM, you can enter anything, then select "Save to Premiere", TM will

Open again, then choose Exit Return PR. At this point in the PR can be seen in a inscriber TM title file, double-click the file, again into the TM, then began to enter Chinese.

7. But this cracked save animated subtitles has a little problem, the solution is to cover the installation once, remember to cover the installation, when the pop-up whether to keep the existing note registration information point OK!

Once the installation is finished, modify it again Inscribe.ini

; Right-to-left Font Processing options












The TM is installed.

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