To build a defense against the virus.

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The current anti-virus software competition is fierce, undoubtedly to the vast number of users to provide a lot of choice, but also brought a lot of benefits, then left the antivirus software, we can not live it? In addition to anti-virus software, we can create a defense of their own anti-virus? Let the author to take you to find the answer it!

Line one: Uninstall WSH, all VBS virus, script based virus will be completely invalidated, whether known or unknown!

Small knowledge:

WSH is an abbreviated form of Windows Scripting Host (Windows Scripting Host). WSH This concept first appeared on the Windows 98 operating system and is a scripting host based on the 32-bit Windows platform, language-independent (language-independent). For example, you write a script file, such as a file with a. vbs or. js suffix, and then double-click and execute it under Windows, and the system automatically invokes an appropriate program to interpret and execute it, and this program, the Windows scripting Host, Program execution file name is Wscript.exe (if at DOS command prompt, Cscript.exe).

In order to build the first line of defense, the general user is recommended to uninstall WSH. Windows 98,WSH is installed automatically as a component of the operating system, but the user can →windows the installer → attachment from the control Panel → add/Remove Programs, and then remove the check box before the "Windows scripting Host" and then make sure. For Windows 2000/XP and Windows ME, you can implement pseudo uninstall by moving the scroll bar down to the VBScript script file and deleting it from Windows Explorer → tools → folder options → file types (This method fails to uninstall the WSH in the system. The VBS file can only be guaranteed to run.

Small tip:

Common VBS virus, based on script virus has "love Bug" Virus, homepage (homepage) virus, etc., uninstall WSH computer can effectively prevent these viruses.

Line two: Prohibit "Java applet script", all write registration mark malicious code completely invalid, whether known or unknown!

Using a Java applet in a Web page can enrich content and achieve a variety of special effects. However, like a double-edged sword, malicious scripts follow. The methods are disabled as follows: The Control Panel->internet option-> security-> customization level. In the Java Applet Script option, select Disable, and in the Script option, select Disable in the Active Scripting option, and then OK (Figure 1).

After you disable Java applet scripts, there will be a lot of effects on the Web page that you can't see. However, safety and fancy can not be both, please choose your own.

Small tip:

Prevents Java applet scripts from being valid for Htm/js on the web, but not for local files. That is to say, downloading a malicious Web page to a native run, and preventing Java applet scripts from being able to block malicious code.

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