To build a mail-sending server using Haraka

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Install NPM install-g Haraka
Initialize Haraka-i/etc/haraka

DKIM configuration:

DNS configuration: 1.SPF Related:
Add TXT Record
If the top-level domain name host name is null or @, if it is a subdomain, the host name is mail (modified according to your subdomain) value:
V=SPF1 ip4: ip4: ~all

Online test whether the SPF is successfully deployed:

2.DKIM Related:
Add TXT Record
If is the top-level domain name hostname is the host name is Mail._domainkey, if is the child domain name own host name is Mail._domainkey.mail (the second domain name changes your sub domain name)
Value: "v=dkim1;p=miibijanbgkqhkig9w0baqefaaocaq8amiibcgkcaqeaoweqne0b4albs9ih9uug8xto0pwo8u25487bnf8gqxbl6ca+ lnfvghc6addobufiep1ld6c/6ufq+mvab2pujyakqoxxnj20nhzrshbelwkuagd2gus5d+hcryhrcqxh1bguwxvhh9v4bk1a6i8mwil0snn+ sm0vuaoxwwumlewhvt7emxaqxmgstzidinwgxlw0tu+c+cgueye75bn42jsbyvfb2pykmh9ss57apdxgghukx+sdmjl3ztbhfuujr3vhwg+ Cqycij3yku9lkzxrrtnpayj1alv510z1exuzcwrjxxjqmnnd3a/9wkxphi8wiynfj4wqayzf74mrhrqidaqab "

Add User:

Echo ' Auth/flat_file ' >> plugins
Vim Auth_flat_file.ini
#修改为 methods:
#methods =login
In the above file, the [users] group has an account on the left and a password on the right (customizable):

Start Haraka:


Import Smtplib
From Email.mime.text import Mimetext

mailto_list=[' '] #收件地址
Mail_host= "" #设置服务器
Mail_user= "Matt" #用户名
mail_pass= "Test" #口令
mail_postfix= "" #发件箱的后缀

def send_mail (to_list,sub,content):
Me= "Haraka" + "<" +mail_user+ "@" +mail_postfix+ ">"
msg = Mimetext (content,_subtype= ' plain ', _charset= ' utf-8 ')
msg[' Subject ' = Sub
msg[' from ' = Me
Msg[' to '] = ";". Join (To_list)
Server = Smtplib. SMTP ()
Server.connect (Mail_host)
Server.login (Mail_user,mail_pass)
Server.sendmail (Me, To_list, msg.as_string ())
Server.close ()
Return True
Except Exception, E:
Print str (e)
Return False
if __name__ = = ' __main__ ':
For mail in mailto_list:
If Send_mail ([mail], "test message title", "" "This is the test message" ""):
Print "Send Success"
Print "Send Failed"

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