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No matter what type of site are fastidious about the structure of the site, good site structure and framework to help the site to get the search engine of the pro-Lai, previously built in the station I used are Z-blog blog system, I feel that this mature system can make the site less detours, often a website online can be included in Baidu, Let me talk about how to build a reasonable SEO optimization site structure.

First, the selection of high-quality mature site procedures

Build a good SEO optimization site structure must have high-quality mature website procedures, whether the webmaster yourself to ask people to develop programs or their own use of free or paid online programs, in the selection process must pay attention to the quality of the program, which is to ensure that the site optimization structure of the first step, Let me share some of my approved Web programs:

1, the Dede procedure, this kind of procedure application scope is broad, can satisfy most stationmaster's need.

2, Power forum, if you want to run a forum website, then I think this program is your first choice.

3, ZBLOG, WDS Blog program, the two program is simpler, there are article publishing system, message system, comment system, for small sites should be enough.

Second, the process behind the quality of the template

Have a high-quality mature website program is not enough, we also need simple and generous site templates, select the site template is very simple, generally refers to the need to meet the following conditions can be

1, simplistic, simple template can let webmaster you arbitrary control of the entire site, to ensure that the site unimpeded, otherwise the site which day code appeared problems, if your template is too complex, how to modify it?

2, the template should be concise, clear profile of the template can be very good for users nostalgia site, we think of your site than the same industry can explain the problem, solve the problem, then your site is not compared with the same industry site to refer to the user attention?

3, the template should be in line with search engine spiders crawl requirements, search engine spiders crawl the site when the most important is to crawl the site code, this time a search engine to express the friendly site code more able to attract spiders to patronize again, so directly to improve the site included.

Third, the site layout of the home should be reasonable

In the process of the first page layout should be the most important, most meaningful link layout in the top of the site, we are here to talk about the most important article content layout, we first look at the Admin5 site's homepage content screenshot


You can see the content layout of the home page of the A5 site has a name "save Group: Hunger game Survivor", and this article ranked the entire content page of the first column, is also the search engine spiders first crawl a column, why should this article in the first column?

1, the information is novel, easy to cause user clicks.

2, content to give value, the value of high articles can attract search engine spiders.

3, group buying has been a lot of webmaster heart pain, most of the webmaster are in the pain of growth.

Four, the internal page constructs should be reasonable

Site internal Link building has been a lot of webmaster concerns, I think the internal page links to the building is to classify the building, layered structure, we still take the A5 website to give examples: A5 site's homepage is http://www.******.com/, its Operation column link is http:/ /www.*****.com/browse/19/, while in the operation is divided into a lot of content page links, their links are http://www.****.com/article/20120824/454867.shtml, http://www ****.com/article/20120824/454671.shtml, from which we can see that the site from the homepage to the content page is a progressive way, through this way can gradually introduce search engine spiders from the outside to crawl, this structure is very reasonable. Homepage--Column page--content page.

The construction of a reasonable site structure mainly depends on the executive power of the webmaster, I believe that all stationmaster hope their website can do well, attract the attention of the user, then spend some time on the structure of the website, hope this article can help to some stationmaster. This article from the Shanghai Moving company, reproduced please keep the author link, thank you.

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