To create and use a label mask method in Excel

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To create and use a label mask method in Excel

1, in the daily data, equipment identification classification management, often used to label, the common is blank sticker paper.

2, when the number of labels, filling time-consuming and laborious, easy to scratch ink. Therefore, the use of printer batch printing label, is to achieve efficient office, easy office of common means.

3, Microsoft Excel has the outstanding data processing ability, the function is rich but is not yet nimble, uses it to carry on the label to play has the unique superiority.

This paper introduces a method/tool of labeling in Excel, produces the output interface with label background, realizes the batch input and print of data.

Tools/raw Materials

Document scan Map (as required)

Microsoft Excel (version 2007 or above)

Adaexcel Small Assistant (free evaluation version)

Create a Adaexcel set of easy templates

Open Adaexcel, press F11 to create a new template, select "Document Sets".

Press F2 to switch to the output interface → right button menu "interface design auxiliary" → "set template background".

According to the background of the block cell and the need to set the position of the project frame match.

Right-click menu "Interface design auxiliary" → "Area" → "Set template area"/"Set Print Area".

Debug Print:

A, set paper type, direction, in the cell input data to try to hit the label paper or copy.

B, adjust the margin, cell alignment, font size, and so on, depending on the position offset.

Right-click menu "Interface design Assistant" → "decorate background".

Press F12 to save as a standalone template file (. XLSX).

At this point, the simple template creation completes, the standard template has the more powerful function. For example, create text boxes, bulk input, and so on.

To create a adaexcel set of standard templates

The Output Interface right button Menu "interface design auxiliary" → "set continuous table".

The Output Interface right button Menu "interface design auxiliary" → "Set Item box", tick "Create Graphic text box".

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