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I used to have an article about HTTP tunneling, recently in their own server combat, found a problem, because the port 80 to Apache, is not for the Web server and flashcom is the same machine, can not implement HTTP tunneling? Search flashcom Help, about the HTTP tunneling description is very few and die Hu unclear, so directly to see <flashcom>/conf/_defaultroot_/adaptor.xml about the HTTP port set up part of the interpretation, Instead found flashcom can bind to multiple IP Port, this is not solve the Web server and flashcom is the same machine, Port 80 to occupy the problem.
So immediately try to add a new IP for the server (for example:, in <HostPort> settings:
<HostPort>,80</HostPort> after connecting to flashcom,rtmp path to it, support HTTP Tunneling (You can set a sub-domain to represent this new IP, always remember that the name is easier than the number). In order to already exist flashcom applications do not have to modify the rtmp path and compile, such as trouble, the original listening settings should be retained (for example, ip:, so add a <HostPort> node:
Final results:

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