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Recently, we have a high morale with the expression package, do not know if anyone will make their own expression package it? This tutorial teaches you several more commonly used facial expressions DIY practice, learn this recruit can play all over the world without an adversary!

These are the two most common expressions we have recently:

This tutorial teaches these two, one is to give panda expression change face and add hand action, the other is to imitate "Kangxi Come" appearance of font.

First we look at how pandas do, find two pieces of material first, one for a panda's bottom, the other is the face we need to spell.

1. First open the picture of the panda, with a white brush to the middle of the face painted white. Then open the photo, use the Elliptical marquee tool box and press Ctrl+j to copy the box out of the section. Select the copied layer use the Move tool to hold the face down and drag it into the panda's diagram to adjust the size and orientation with free deformation (ctrl+t).

2. Select the layer of the face, "image-adjust-to color" to make the face black and white. Then in order to make nothing more prominent so use the color level tool, the white triangle and gray small triangle are moved to the left, enlarge the picture contrast, as far as possible to achieve the picture only black and white effect.

3. Use eraser or mask tool to erase the hair and cheeks and other parts, only to retain the facial features, rub the edge of the brush with a soft angle will be more natural. After wiping a new blank layer, choose the black brush, the hardness to the highest, so the edge is more obvious, probably draw a hand shape. By the way, if you want to change other words, you can use a white brush to erase the original words.

4. Find a brick picture material, with Magic eraser in a blank background point can easily pull out bricks, this method is used for solid color background.

5. Or use the mobile tool to pull a good brick to move to the top of the panda map, with free deformation (ctrl+t) adjust the angle and size, the place where the finger can be created in the brick layer mask with a black brush to wipe out, or directly with the eraser also line. Finally casually write a word up on the line ~

Let's teach you the second way to make a facial expression.

The second because just imitate the font effect so do not need too much material, find a picture on the line ~

1. In the picture with a rough font, white dozen words up, the best is the traditional characters, there is a feeling, small make up here font is not more casually used a bold, we can go online to find more like the font.

2. If you think the word is still not thick can be in the character options inside the bold, in the panel did not see the character options block can be in the taskbar of the window to tune out.

3. Select the font layer, click the FX button in the lower right corner of the screen and select "Blending Options", where you can make black strokes and gradient effects.

Style select strokes, slightly increase the size of the table, stroke color Select black.

Select the gradient overlay and click the gradient color block that the arrow refers to to change the color of the gradient.

In the gradient color block to find the lower left corner of the small House shape icon, click on the bottom of the "color" option bar to choose colors, we choose and "Kangxi to the" used the same pink.

Or choose a projection in the style, add a water red projection, so that strokes and projections can ensure that regardless of the background picture is what color fonts will not be merged with the background. Adjust the distance and extension of the projection.

4. Finally because the picture next to the blank we can add some drama effect, with the pen tool around the edge of the figure to pull up the map, here a little bit of good. After forming a closed path, press Ctrl+enter to convert the path to a selection, and then press Ctrl+j to copy the selection section. Select the copied layer, or add a black stroke style to it, and then create a blank layer underneath the layer to paint white.

That's it. Yo ~ There are a lot of expressions of the production method and the two are similar, we can go to try, the war 300 rounds is not a problem ~

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