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First, you should install Java and Tomcat on your computer (whether it's Windows or Linux) and set up their environment variables.

When Setup is complete, start Tomcat and open the browser input URL: http://ip:port, if the appropriate page appears, indicating that Tomcat installation was successful, you can continue to the following configuration.

Add the following in the \conf\server.xml </Host> </Engine>

<context path= "" docbase= "TOT" debug= "0" reloadable= "true" crosscontext= "true"/>

<logger classname= "Org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger" directory= "Logs" prefix= "Tot_log". "suffix=". txt Timestamp= "true"/>


Where host Name= "IP address" docbase= placed under WebApps HTML folder name "

Once configured, place the HTML folder under Tomcat's WebApps directory (appbase= "WebApps")

In the Web page input ip:port/index.html can be accessed, here to the corresponding IP, if the start page is not index.html also to make the appropriate settings.

The demo is as follows:

1, in Tomcat WebApps directory to create a new test folder, put the written test.html file

2, in Tomcat Conf\server.xml set the following

Then start Tomcat and then enter ip:port/test.html in the browser to access the

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