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Two days ago because of the need to Tomcat5.5.12, before the next I just upgraded the jdk1.4 (with the Java) to the jdk1.5, I do not know why I move Tomcat when he said JDK version is too low, must require jdk1.5 I faint.

There's no way to toss it. I only use a separate jdk1.5 to override the JDK in Java. Reconfigure environment variables, Tomcat finally can use, hehe ~ ~

The following are settings for the environment variables associated with Tomcat (for reference purposes only.) )

Catalina_base d:/java/tomcat/tomcat (d:/java/tomcat installation path D:/JAVA/J2EE for Tomcat)

Catalina_home D:/java/tomcat/tomcat

Classpath.;D:/ java/j2ee/jdk/lib;d:/java/j2ee/jdk/lib/dt.jar;d:/java/j2ee/jdk/lib/tools.jar;d:/java/tomcat/tomcat/common/lib/ Servlet-api.jar (.; To have to, be underestimated them, I started to be less these two small points to toss me for a few hours. )

Java_home D:/JAVA/J2EE/JDK

Path D:/java/j2ee/jdk/bin;%java_home%/bin;

[Br]admin package configuration [BR]

We know that tomcat5.5.12 is not built into the admin package, if we need admin, we have to go down, and then configure ourselves.

My configuration method is published as follows (personal experience, tight for reference)

After the downloaded admin is pressurized (the extracted file name is Admin), license, NOTICE, release-notes three files in the root directory are first copy to

$CATALINA the root directory of the _home$, and then the entire copy of the Admin folder under Admin/server/webapps to

$CATALINA _home$/server/webapps, and then copy the Admin/server/webapps/admin/admin.xml file to

$CATALINA the _home$/conf/catalina/localhost folder, and then restart Tomcat to open http://locahost:8080/admin

Enter your username and password as defined in the $catalina_home$/conf/tomcat-users.xml, and everything will be OK.

Add the following record to the Tomcat-users.xml:

<role rolename= "Manager"/>

<role rolename= "admin"/>

<user username= "your own username" password= "Your password" roles= "Admin,manager"/>

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