Top 10 audio brands and top 10 fake foreign devils

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[I have read a lot of fake foreign devils on the Forum, but I do not like to repost them. However, my predecessors have analyzed this thoroughly. I would like to share this article so that fans will be less deceived.

Let's take a look at the Classic speaker industry's contributors:
Major audio brands


PHILLIPS: headquartered in the Netherlands, Phillips is one of the world's largest AV equipment manufacturers. It is famous for its long-style tape holder, laser player, and DCC digital card holder development.


Maranshi: The old brand of audio equipment manufacturers in the United States, the product has a high reputation, was acquired by Japanese manufacturers, transfer to production, low-end product line, recently acquired.


Mai jingtu: famous fever audio manufacturer in the United States, with a long history, is one of the earliest manufacturers involved in audio equipment manufacturing in the United States. Since the early mono amplifier, many products have been listed as a model of audio design and manufacturing.


Jbl: a veteran speaker manufacturer in the United States that has made great contributions in the history of speaker manufacturing. jbl is currently the world's largest speaker manufacturer, with products in both professional and civil fields. Jbl products focus on the high restoration of sound and the pursuit of "non-personalized" Sound Replay.


Hammancaton: the American manufacturer has a considerable strength in the production of seat cards. It once produced the first seat in the world with Dolby B and Dolby C on Dolby S.


Shi long: famous U. S. Audio manufacturer, mainly for combining civil audio products.


Tian Lang: the famous English speaker registration trademark, known for its production of coaxial unit speakers, which are extremely accurate in sound field positioning.


Dr.: he is famous for producing a variety of small direct/reflective speaker systems. This vertical star Speaker (3D) is easy to place.


B & W: the famous British speaker manufacturing factory is also one of the large-scale civil speaker manufacturing plants, with a production history of up to 27 years.


Italian Force: one of the largest speaker manufacturers in Germany, has a long history and is famous for producing the "winter melon heads" aluminum with ultra-high-pitched unit speaker system.

Top Ten fake foreign devils

Tenth place: "France" dupeng-there are still people telling me that this brand is the original product, you can imagine a lie.

Blending coefficient: 6 points

Ninth place: "Germany"-if a factory located thousands of miles away needs to know that there is also a company of the same brand in China, I do not know whether he wants to protect rights or is helpless.

Blending coefficient: 6 points

Eighth place: "Germany" weige-Shi Yun weige has no contact with this brand.

Blending coefficient: 6.5 points

7th name: "UK"-A smart company, a second brand that will not become a warrior.

Blending coefficient: 7 points

Sixth place: "Germany"-a month of CCTV ads and three months of newspapers and periodicals, making an obscure brand a dark horse in the-speaker market, a myth.

Blending coefficient: 7.5 points

Fifth place: "Denmark" Wei fa-originally "lineage" is pure, but the marriage with Chinese enterprises will lose all the original taste.

Blending coefficient: 8 points

Fourth place: "Japan" shanshui-A company that has disappeared in Japan, but has advanced in China's audio market.

Blending coefficient: 8.5

Third place: "The United States" Love wave-as domineering as its main country, it is also a celebrity endorsement and acquisition enterprise, busy.

Blending coefficient: 9 points

Second place: "France" cav-beautiful appearance with effective publicity, and there is no sound to be desired, this is not the case for French products.

Blending coefficient: 9.5 points

First place: "Danish" warrior-I suggest Hollywood director Peter. johnson made another photo of "Return of the Warrior". The best transformation of a mosquito-type furniture factory in Shenzhen is a living textbook for Chinese speaker enterprises, but it has hurt countless people. The alarm bells must be heard.

Blending coefficient: 10 points

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