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Below are popular resources for downloading channels in September. These resources have been carefully selected, and we have examined the comprehensive evaluation and scoring of these resources by the downloading users, and finally brought them together to recommend them to everyone !! As there are too many popular Resources in the month, only 100 articles are currently shared. We hope to save you time in searching for materials from the massive amount of resources and help you !! If you find that you have better resources, we recommend you post them in the reply box (post the link). We will update them to this post on a regular basis and share them with more users !!

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=== [Android] ===
Android development tutorial notes full PDF
[Comments from netizens] the source code is very good for a very comprehensive tutorial. It should be available for non-scan versions.
Android components PDF
Examples of Android games (from basic training to complex game development)
[Comments from netizens] the code is complete, and various application categories are also very meticulous, but they are all code
Androidtechnology internal Screen System article: high definition ultimate .rar
[Comments from netizens] the scan version is still clear and useful.
Android technology insider. system volume PDF
[Comments from netizens] the text is clear and the content ranges from shortest to deep. This is a must for beginners.
The latest android4.0api source code contains all APIs
[Comments] contains all the APIS, the most complete android4.0 API source code.
Google Android SDK development example (2nd)
[Comments from netizens] There are a lot of content, including the source code PDF (scan version). If you can take a serious look at Android application development, it will be very easy.
Download the source code of 10 practical Android applications
[Comments from netizens] There are several good example programs with source code
Qq client of Android high imitation mobile phone
[Comments] Very good resources have learned a lot from the implementation of interface scrolling to the program architecture.
[Himi] android game development books + source code + sample chapters + series of blog posts!
[Comments from netizens] provides materials and source code, which is suitable for actual use.
Android 9 utility source code
[Comments from netizens]
Android project instance commercial project source code
[Comments] an SNS example is very helpful for beginners.
Getting started with Android Development
[Comments] It is well written and easy to understand. It is very suitable for beginners.
Android interview questions with answers.
[Comments from netizens] 71 questions: selection, filling in the blanks, and short answers involve a small amount of SQL content. There are many conceptual things.
Android socket programming
Android page Switching Effect
Decompile the APK file into the Java source code
Android Chinese API collection (50 articles)
Android-Technical Data Summary
Chinese version Android programmer Guide
Android_3d_game development tutorial .doc
Andorid API CHM
Android-Linux-wince supersummary

= [C] =

Crazy C-essential for getting started with programmers
[Comments from netizens] This book is very helpful for beginners to get started with the C program. It is a living teaching material for beginners.
100 examples of C Language Algorithm Programming
[Comments from netizens] C language 100 examples of pure algorithm exercises, from easy to difficult, explain in great detail, the program is also complete and runable
495 C language problems that must be known
[Comments from netizens] The document content and layout are both good. You can better understand the C language after reading it.
Ten days to learn SCM instance 100 is good
Common Errors in C Language
[Comments from netizens] It is suitable for beginners and has some common errors. It is worth reading for beginners.
Ultraedit. v17.30 registration Machine
[Comments] registration successful. Follow the instructions.

=== [C #] ===

Typical ASP. NET development module (revision) (source code)
[Comments from netizens] Very good. There are many examples and details! It saves a lot of time for writing code, and can be applied directly by module.
Visual Studio 2010 shortcut keys
[Comments] Visual Studio 2010 shortcut keys
Class Libraries accumulated over the years
[Comments from netizens] C # class library is very good and powerful. The letter is complete.
C # basic knowledge Consolidation
[Comments from netizens] It is helpful for beginners and suitable for beginners.
C # File Operations
[Comments] C # file operations, including reading, writing, moving, deleting, searching, simple encryption, simple decryption, and enumeration of subfolders
Apply ten classic instances to the gridview Control
C # advanced programming (version 7th) PDF Part1
[Comments from netizens] The latest full version includes three missing pages on the network.
C # advanced programming (version 7th) PDF Part2
[Comments from netizens] The latest full version includes three missing pages on the network.

=== [C/C ++] ===

Learning C from scratch
[Comments from netizens] basic help for new users
90 typical C source programs
[Comments from netizens] There are a lot of questions, which are explained in detail and analyzed very well.
C Language Learning tutorial
C ++, a common sense for professional C ++ programmers

=== [C ++] ===

Desktop icon pop-up prompt (revised Code)
[Comments] a very beautiful tool with source code.
Curve drawing software (Simplified Version)
[Comments] The window can be scaled freely with a cursor display, which is helpful for beginners!
C ++ primer (4th edition) Exercise answers complete clear Edition
[Comments from netizens] C ++ primer can be used together, and the content is correct. The definition is enough.
Related code (stress test client) of the blog article "complete port explanation)
[Comments from netizens] The Code style is very good and detailed.
Use recursion to generate Binary Trees in QT
Source code of the VC ++ development interface
Solved the cserialport-type project to close the deadlock

[Comments] a very fine-grained project code, which surpasses serial assistant, gives a fresh feeling.

=== [HTML5] ===

28 HTML5 features, tips, and technologies you must know
Comprehensive Understanding of HTML5
[Comments] I introduced HTML5 development and some new features compared with html4, which are helpful for beginners.
Beginner's basic HTML 5 skills
[Comments from netizens] the difference between new features and old features is very detailed. It is worth reading.
HTML5 Design Principles
[Comments] It makes sense that there should be a design principle behind every software or specification. I have clearly explained the ins and outs of HTML5. It is suitable for you to understand what HTML5 is like.

= [Java] =

Source code of 100 Java classic programming instances
[Comments] There are many basic examples, which basically cover all the basic application scopes. It is worth learning, but there is no descriptive document
10 skills a Java programmer should possess
[Comments from netizens] It is suitable for beginners and serves as a needle-piercing guide,
23 Java design modes
[Comments from netizens] the design model is very important and detailed. It also provides code examples, which are easy to understand and practice. It is worth learning.
Java learning from scratch
[Comments] This is a clear and intuitive teaching material about Java.
Exquisite html/jsp website background Interface
[Comments from netizens] It is very powerful and the interface is simple and elegant. It can be used directly after a few changes.
2011 New Java tutorial
[Comments from netizens] over 900 million pages of PPT views are quite good.
Excellent jsp ppt tutorials for beginners
[Comments] the content is basic knowledge, but it is practical and easy to understand.
Tank wars (Java source code)
[Comments] No images are used, and the code is easy to understand. It is suitable for beginners and easy to use. The code structure is also clear ~
Swing + Derby imitation QQ chat software and source code
Eclipse Chinese tutorial
Use Java to export data between MySQL and Excel
[Comments from netizens] the project is simplified and the comments are clear. No redundant code. It is worth watching and learning!
Java Network Programming (Third edition) Chinese Version

=== [JavaScript] ===

60 webpage special effects (JS + flash)
[Comments] the content is rich. From navigation to making an advertisement window, you can easily find what you need. It can also be used directly and easily modified.
55 common JS skills
[Comments] The format is good! It's a notepad. It's very convenient and easy to understand. I am a beginner. I have taken a rough look at it. It's not bad.
The most comprehensive JavaScript data
[Comments from netizens] Excellent 107 common statements
Javascript for image display effects

=== [Linux] ===

A complete set of common Linux commands
[Comments from netizens] command documents in all Chinese are easy to understand
Linux and Unix shell programming guide
[Comments from netizens] The version is clear and bookmarked, And the content is comprehensive.
60 common Linux commands
[Comments from netizens] Summary of the 60 most commonly used Linux commands, which are frequently used and must be mastered.
Linux Kernel in-depth analysis
[Comments from netizens] It takes some time to learn. The materials are comprehensive and the logic of thinking is in place.

=== [Sqlserver] ===

SQL + SERVER + 2008 getting started with programming (3rd full version) PDF
[Comments] the scan is very clear, the architecture is clear, and the content is informative. It is suitable for beginners.

=== [VB] ===

Use VB to Operate Excel to generate complex reports

=== [Web development] ===

Refreshing UI design of personal website templates for designers
[Comments] The source file with PSD is in western style.
Website background management template (4).zip
Javaee programmers must read The Book recommendation
[Comments from netizens] A good book for beginners
Open-source Web Client quick development platform CSP/CCP
HTML Help document
Jquery easyui 1.2.4 API Chinese document. CHM

=== [Windows Server] ===

Win7 and XP dual-system installation
Windows Phone 7 Advanced Programming

=== [Others] ===

You only need a USB flash drive to experience the Android system on your computer.
[Comments] the prompt function is available. You can try it out.
Desert plug-in 2.1142 -- the last version before Billing
[Comments from netizens] This version is very valuable and has no advertisement interference.
Debug. Hacks _in-depth Debugging techniques and tools
[Comments] a very good book with clear handwriting and informative content.

=== [Embedded] ===

Over 20 single-chip microcomputer instances
[Comments from netizens] assembly language, examples of over-detailed graphic tutorials
Ten days to learn single-chip microcomputer instance 100
[Comments from netizens] It focuses on theoretical knowledge and is comprehensive and suitable for beginners.
Cultivation of Embedded System Programming
[Comments] the basic knowledge of embedded programming is comprehensive and worth reviewing.
What basic knowledge should I learn about embedded learning?

=== [Software testing] ===

Advanced testing talents should be familiar with the six types of knowledge .rar

=== [Database] ===

Tup 16th: The Story Behind 0.14 billion online
SQL statements

=== [Create a webpage] ===

Classic PS tutorial
[Comments] the content is small, but it is very good for beginners.
10 days to learn Div + CSS concise tutorial
[Comments from netizens] The key points of good materials are all described. The examples are also very detailed. It is suitable for beginners to learn.
Div + CSS website layout case summary sample
[Comments from netizens] There are many examples, which are of great significance for beginners to observe.
Website materials-login and search
[Comments] login and search. Website materials will be followed by banner expressions and some gossip pictures.
Naming rules for div + CSS in Webpage Design

=== [Delphi] ===

Layer-3 Database System server Source Code
Delphixe update2 cracking

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