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WordPress is the use of PHP language and MySQL database developed a very popular blog (blog, weblog) system, the function is very powerful, plug-ins and templates are numerous, easy to expand the function. It's very convenient to install and use. At present, WordPress has become the mainstream blog to build a platform.

WordPress plugin extension Plug-ins are numerous, use these plug-ins can easily expand and customize the function of WordPress, because the WordPress plugin is too much, so for beginners will see dazzling, So I am here to introduce 10 of my own Feel good WordPress plug-ins, I picked the rule is plug-in function to be practical and efficient, some plug-ins if the use of excessive system resources, I will not introduce. Through these plug-ins, I hope to be able to just contact the Friends of WordPress help.

  anti-spam message: Akismet

A very good anti-spam plug-in, the overall effect can also be, sometimes there will be misjudged and angered, most of the cases can be intercepted spam messages and comments, the use of the first need to apply for a API key to do.

  Caching and Statics: Cos-html-cache

As a static plug-in WordPress, Cos-html-cache can be the homepage and article page automatically generate static HTML files, improve the performance of the system, reduce the WordPress occupy the system resources, although the directory page is not static, but can also install WP Super Cache to be used in conjunction with.

  Count Statistics: wp-postviews

Wp-postviews is an article count of statistics Plug-ins, you can display the number of views in the article, but also provides some statistical functions, such as a certain period of time to browse the most, comments and so on, the use of the system resources are not many. For WordPress using static Plug-ins, the JavaScript version of Wp-postviews needs to be used, otherwise it will not be counted. This plugin needs to modify the template file.

  Page Navigation: Wp-pagenavi

Wp-pagenavi can add a paging function at the bottom of the page, which is more convenient than the default pagination. This plugin needs to modify the template file.

  Related articles: Simple Tags

Simple tags is a tags management plug-ins, can be enabled in the article and feed to add related articles, easy to use and simple tags of the bulk of the tags management although some defects, but the official tags than wordpress management is more convenient.

  Search Engine Optimization: All in one SEO Pack

Using the all in one SEO pack you can do SEO search engine optimization without modifying the template, and you can add independent keywords and summaries to each page to speed up and optimize the index of search engines such as Google, Using this plugin may increase the use of some system resources, so it is best to use it under static WordPress.

  Google sitemaps: Google XML sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps can automatically generate wordpress Google Sitemaps and modify it into a robots file, Google's index, of course, you can also log in to Google Manually submit your Google Sitemaps in webmasters.

  Comment Message: Wordpress Thread Comment

WordPress Thread Comment is an enhanced plugin for WordPress comments, which allows users to reply to comments that have been commented on, and to nest or string the results to a good effect. Combined with Subscribe to comments e-mail Comment reminders, you can form a good interactive discussion atmosphere.

  RSS feed: FeedBurner Feedsmith

FeedBurner Feedsmith can forward WordPress's own feed to FeedBurner and other feed hosting services to save system resources and bandwidth, This plugin can be applied to Feedsky with a slight modification (modifying feedburnerfeedvalidator to Feedskyfeedburnerfeedvalidator).

  Database: WordPress Database Backup

WordPress database backup can be set up every day or every week to automatically back up the WordPress databases, you can choose to back up to the server, download to the local or automatically sent to a mailbox, the Chinese database support is also very good.

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