TOP Ten free IT certification Training Resources

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1. Cybrary

Cybrary takes the open source concept and applies it to it training. Many of the courses available through the site is related to security, but there is also courses designed to prepare For popular IT certification tests, including CompTIA A +, Cisco CCNA, CISM, PMP, Microsoft certified Solutions Associate and many others. The courses is self-paced, and the website offers an estimation of how long each would take. The site also offers its own skill certification exams; However, these is not as widely recognized in the industry as some of the other certs available.

2. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Certifications is among the most popular of the industry, and unlike most other CERT vendors s hundreds of free training courses through Microsoft Virtual Academy. Some of the most popular courses available is "C # Fundamentals for Absolute beginners," "Using node. js with Visual Studio Code, "Mastering Microsoft Certification Exam Prep," "Building blocks:internet of Things (IoT)," "Introduction to ASP.N ET Core 1.0 "and" Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. " The course library is an easy-to-search, and those who sign-on-the-site also get access to live events, free e-books, disc Ounts on Microsoft Press books and more.

3. Hire Our Heroes

If you ' re a veteran of the U.S. military, you can get access to free training through Hire our heroes. The program aims of ease the transition from military to civilian life by providing veterans leaving the armed services WI Th training, mentorship and job opportunities. Currently, interested veterans can get free cybersecurity training through the Federal Virtual training environment (FEDVT E), certified Storage Associate (NCSA) training from NETAPP, Cybertalent immersion Academy training from SANS Institute, V Etforce Training for Salesforce certification, certified SAP Associate training through NS2 and free CAD training through The States Technical Education Center (Ustec).

4. Professor Messer

If you were a visual learner, you might want to check out Professor Messer. The site features a extensive library of free training videos meant to prepare viewers for the CompTIA A +, CompTIA networ K +, CompTIA security+ and Microsoft 70-680 (configuring Windows 7) Certifications. The site includes a popular discussion forum for people who is pursuing certification, and Professor Messer also organize S study groups. In addition, you can sign up to free Pop-quiz emails. All the videos is completely free if your watch them online, but can pay to download high-definition versions if you l Ike.

5. Certforums

One of the best sources of information about certifications are other IT professionals who has taken the certification Exa MS, and that's where Certforums comes in. It hosts many boards with thousands of discussions and tens of thousands of messages, including some that is specific to Particular IT certifications, including Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, VMware and others. It also have some news about certifications (although it isn ' t updated very frequently) and some general information about Why you might want to pursue a IT cert. Membership and participation in the forums are completely free; The site is supported by advertising.


Before a It certification exam, it's a good idea to try out a practice test. Knowledge Buster have free online practice exams for certification vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, PMI, Ec-council, (ISC) 2, LPI, VMware, Oracle, ITIL and AAAA. You can take as many of the exams as, and you'll get immediate feedback on your results. If you become a member by providing your email address and phone number, you can also get discounts or free access to othe R training materials. The site has a very large library of practice exams, and you do not have to register to try them out.


Another source for practice tests is 4Tests. Unlike most of the other sites in this slideshow, 4Tests also have materials related to tests other than IT certifications, such as the GED, ASVAB, ACT and SAT. As far as it certifications go, it had practice exams for Microsoft, CompTIA, Java programming, Cisco and Oracle exams. It also have some tutorials available (although most of them is not related to IT certs), as well as a forum where your may Be able to find some helpful discussion threads. The site makes its money by providing links where can buy other study materials off Amazon.

. It-ready

If you were a low-income high school graduate who was at least and a U.S. citizen, It-readycan help you get free training For the CompTIA A + exam. This is a In-person training program, so you'll need to live near Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, minneapolis/st. Pau L, New York, Omaha, Philadelphia, or Washington, DC, in order to participate. It's an Eight-week program, leads to a six-month job experience. Alumni can also get free training and free exam vouchers for additional CompTIA certifications. It's a narrow, targeted program, and if you qualify, it could leads to excellent job opportunities.

9. Examcompass

For those interested in the popular CompTIA exams, Examcompass are a great free resource for practice tests. For the CompTIA A + exam, for example, it had twenty different online tests with free score reports, as well as deep dives into subject areas like RAM, storage, CPU, display devices, printers, networking, acronyms and hardware troubleshooting. The website also explains the (complicated) process for getting a voucher this provides a discount on testing fees, and it Have some general information about the CompTIA tests. It also have links to CompTIA exam training books for sale on Amazon.


While it's less specific to it certifications than the other websites in this slideshow, EdX are a good source for free it Training that could help you prepare for a certification exam. Founded by MIT and Harvard, it features top-quality online classes from leading universities as well as from vendors like Microsoft. In general, the courses is free and if you want to get a certificate verifying so you ' ve passed a course and you'll have To pay a fee. (Note that these is certifications specific to EdX and not the IT certs available through organizations like CompTIA). The courses can very helpful if you need to beef up your skills in a particular topic area.

TOP Ten free IT certification Training Resources

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