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With the popularity of wireless devices such as smartphones/tablets and laptops, wireless networks are already in vogue. For the vast majority of users, the home is mainly using wireless routers to achieve wireless WiFi network coverage in the home. But now rub the net rampant, many friends because does not pay attention to the router security setting, thus very easy to rub the net. Others rub the net not only affect speed, but also may disclose privacy, users must strengthen the router security settings. Shielding 99% Hackers, Tp-link wireless router security Settings Raiders are as follows.

  Tp-link Wireless router anti-RUB network security Settings tutorial

The so-called Tp-link anti-RUB network settings, mainly based on the strengthening of router security settings, so that the network card and hackers can not find a bug, so as to achieve cybersecurity, through the following security settings, to effectively block 99% of the hacker attacks, for the vast majority of users, the basic can achieve absolute security. Nonsense not to say, below teaches you how to set up router security.

First login Tp-link router settings management interface. The method is to open the browser, and then enter the (or, and then enter the router login username and password, you can find these landing information in the nameplate on the router shell, as shown in the following figure.

Tp-link Wireless Router Landing

Ps. Small map for small series just purchased the new version of the Tp-link wireless router, landing only need to enter the previously set password, the old tp-link router default login username and password are admin.

  First, modify the router landing address

In order to ensure the security of the Router backend management interface, we first need to modify the login address. Login Tp-link Router Management interface, click on the left "network parameters", and then expand click "LAN Port Settings", and then change the default IP address, as shown in the following figure.

We recommend that you change the default to other addresses, such as the change to (the following two-bit arbitrary modification can), as shown in the picture, modify the Click to save, will be prompted to restart the effective, we restart it.

Note that this default landing address has changed, it is recommended that you better remember, so as not to forget later, you can no longer log on to the router management.

  Second, modify the router default account name and password

Most Tp-link routers default user names and passwords are the default admin, this is very unsafe, once others rub the net, they can use this many well-known account, login to your router, steal broadband account and other privacy information, so the default admin account password should also be changed. To modify the method, click the "System Tool" at the bottom of the left-"Modify login Password", as shown in the following figure.

Modify TP link Router Admin password

Ps. You can change the router login password to your familiar account and password. For example, password changed to WwW.PC841.Com, after modification, other rub net or hacker, can't know router login password, can't view router inside information.

  Third, set the hidden SSID

The SSID is the wireless network name that we can search for using wireless devices, and if the router has a hidden SSID, then other smartphones and notebooks will not be able to search our wireless network, which can effectively enhance the security of the network.

Tp-link Wireless router Settings hide SSID is simple, in the wireless settings of the basic security settings, the "open SSID broadcast" before the check out, and then click Save, as shown in the following figure.

Hide Tp-link Wireless Router SSID

Ps. Hide SSID, hackers can use other tools to find, but can make most mobile phone, book users cannot find, unless using professional tool search.

  Iv. Strengthening the security of wireless network passwords

Enter the wireless security settings in wireless settings in the Tp-link wireless router, select the highest level of "WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK" encryption, the "PSK password" is the WiFi wireless password, as far as possible to set the complexity, length greater than 8 bits, To package case with letters and digital combination, improve the complexity and length of the wireless password can effectively prevent some of the network card violence to crack the wireless password.

Tighten Tp-link wireless router WiFi password security

Change to a high complex difficulty password, click on the bottom of the save can.

  V. Binding MAC (Advanced Security Settings)

In the Tp-link wireless router "Wireless Settings", click to enter the "Wireless MAC Address" settings, and then first turn on the "MAC address filter" function, and then the home computer MAC address or mobile phone MAC address add one by one add in the binding, and then save.

Router Mac settings, which is equivalent to the router and computer or cell phone/tablet binding, to achieve only binding devices to the Internet, which can effectively protect the router security, other devices even cracked the wireless password, but because there is no device binding, still can not access the Internet.

  Six, install route guardian or 360 Route Guardian tool to prevent rub net

Currently for the security of routers, there have been software manufacturers launched a router security defender, the other 360 security guards, also joined the router defender, through such tools can be convenient to view access to the wireless router equipment, if the discovery of a strange device connection, we can disable it or pull into the blacklist, This can also effectively prevent Tp-link from being rubbed on the net, very suitable for small white friends recommend.

For many families that are not very high or personal users, because of the environment and there is no hacker master, through a simple few strokes of security settings, you can easily protect the router wireless security. For some small white friends, usually the main need to pay attention to modify the router login password, as far as possible to set up complex wireless WiFi password and install some router security software, you can ensure the security of daily Internet.

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