[Tplink Wireless Extender] I cannot log on to the extender interface. What should I do?

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After you enter the management address of the extended body in your browser or scan the QR code on the body of the extended body, the management interface cannot be displayed, as shown in the figure below:
In addition, you cannot log on to the management interface if the management password is incorrect.
Troubleshoot the problem as follows:
The mobile phone or notebook must be connected to the extended device signal to log on to the interface normally. Connect the extended signal according to the current status of the extended device according to the corresponding operation:
Before Expansion
Indicator light is Red
1 , Please reset the extended first
Reset method:When the power is on, use a sharp object such as a paper clip, press and hold the RESET key at the bottom of the extended device for 5-8 seconds, and the indicator will flash three times until it turns on normally. The RESET is successful.
2 , Connection extended signal
The default signal name for the extended is: TP-LINK_RE_XXXX (X represents the last four digits of the MAC address), which can be viewed on the bottom of the extended tag.
After the extension is successful
Indicator light is Green, Orange
1 , Please first power off the master router
2 Restart the extensioner
3 And connect the wireless signal of the extended device.
The signal of the extended device is the same as that of the primary router by default. If you have a wireless name of the extended device, connect to the new one.
Skip this step if you log on with your mobile phone.
Set the wireless network card of your computer to automatically obtain the IP address and connect to the wireless signal of the extended device. The setting method is as follows:
Note:: Windows 7 is used as an example. For other systems, click reference.
The extended management address is Tplogin.cn, Enter the correct management address in the browser address bar. You can also use a browser to scan the QR code (such as UC, QQ, Baidu, and other browsers) to log on.
Note: the QR code of the extended housing cannot be scanned using WeChat.
The extended instance does not have the default management password. You must set a password of 6 ~ 15-bit management password. If you forget this administrator password, you can only reset the extensioner and reset it.
Try another wireless terminal. If you use your mobile phone to log on, you can change your laptop and try to connect to the extended device. Use the tplogin.cn logon interface.

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