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The recent personal writing style has turned to markdown mode, but the previous use of the mediawiki has not been natively supported, and I have added too many plugins and custom settings in order to achieve what they see as a result of the program and some other personalization needs, more than two years later, many of the details of the settings have not been remembered, So I want to do the wiki re-deployment and implementation. After study, the final choice DokuWiki. Its advantages are many, such as powerful, updated timely, rich plug-ins, simple structure, easy to deployment. The process is recorded as follows to show the memo.

10. Download the package from the official website, if there is no PHP environment locally, note "Microapache (Windows)" at "Include Web-server"

20. After unpack the package, run Run.cmd, create the service on the local 8800 port and open the browser, do the wiki initialization work, as the interface prompts to fill in. You can select the Chinese language in the drop-down box in the upper-right corner

30. After initialization, log in with the Admin user just filled in, top right corner management, click Expand Management, then click Search and Install tab

40. Search and install the "Markdowku" plugin to allow the wiki to support markdown syntax

50. Search for and install the "Codemirror" plugin, and let the input box support syntax coloring. By default, it simply shades the Doku syntax that comes with it, and I need to change it to markdown syntax

A. Open the plug-in installation directory


B. Open action.php, add two new elements to the data array

$event->data[' script ' [] = Array (    ' type ' = ' text/javascript ',    ' charset ' = ' utf-8 ',    ' src ' = "$base _url/dist/modes/markdown.min.js?v= $version"); $event->data[' script ' [] = Array (    ' type ' = ' text/') JavaScript ',    ' charset ' = ' utf-8 ',    ' src ' = ' "$base _url/dist/modes/gfm.min.js?v= $version",);

C. Open Dist/scripts.min.js to modify the call to the Doku syntax to a call to the GFM syntax. This is a compressed code file, through the Ctrl+f text Lookup tool, with "Doku" for the keyword query, in line 7th about No. 29619 character, the "Doku" modified to GFM, its context code is as follows

function I () {b=jsinfo.plugin_codemirror;b.name= "GFM"; B.loadmode=function (c)

60. Search and install the "Imgpaste" plugin, let wiki support in the Chrome browser, support through the editor Ctrl + V to achieve picture resource upload

70. Package the DokuWiki folder to complete the migration of the entire site


Which open-source wiki system is more useful, please recommend them?

Dokuwiki Plug-in finishing

Wiki comparison

[Transfer]okuwiki to the Department of Small notes

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