[Traveling to the teeth] do not watch Yue-sunrise when Huangshan returns.

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How cold is there at four o'clock on the top of the hill in winter? But there is no way. For the sunrise, I made a lot of determination to drill out of the warm sleeping bag. My brother was already dressed and ran back and forth while I was outside. I am so cold that I have no idea about my own image. I put all my sleeves on my hats and put my hands in my sleeves. The whole person is scaling down, and the tent is drilled out in a very cool way.

Looking up, the bright moon is high, the sky is very clean, and no stars are shining. Go to the Beihai hotel and check that the sunrise time is ...... I got up three hours in advance ...... How can we live in three hours ...... The younger brother said that it would be so early to get up so early. Today, I have to clean up the sunrise, and have nothing left, and I have to lick the TMD on the plate. I laughed. Well, I don't need to pull a drop. That's all. Wait!

The tents on the playground were all lit up in the dark, and many people wanted to come to me like me. They struggled to drill out for the sunrise. We are on the road, with the goal: Shi Xinfeng. The height of the Shixin peak is about 50 ~ higher than that of the camp ~ 80 meters, the peak is naturally a step. It's not easy to catch up with the sun. under the moonlight, there were white crowds in twos and threes. The last person was Miss Gls. She hurt her feet and climbed up two steps and one step, I am so embarrassed to rush above her because she is so struggling. It will arrive at the peak of the first letter after, and there will be another 1 and a half hours.

Shi Xinfeng is really a peak. The top of the peak is divided into two small corners, each of which is surrounded by railings on a ground of about a few square meters. The middle of the front is a proud pine, the middle of the main side of the two rocks squeeze out a small cliff joint, no railing. The front is much higher than the side, while the front is not far from the other two. The three peaks form a triangle, and there is nothing in the middle until the bottom of the Peak. The layout is very good. If the cloud and the sea come together, it is actually ...... How to describe it? Poor words ...... Maybe it's similar. You just need to know. I don't care ...... The sky is not bright yet. Some people say that the sun will rise between the two peaks on the opposite side. But I can look at the direction of the moon. I don't feel very right, and I don't care. It's high anyway, we naturally occupied the front, shoot around the Panasonic tree, sat on the station, and so on. Holding the railing, the trembling stretched out half a head, I rely on, three sides can be a vertical line directly to see the bottom of the peak, I will not estimate the peak height is how much, but the first letter peak altitude is 1688 meters, this cliff is really tough!

The cold winter night is windy. Under the bright moon, a group of people are holding their clothes or sitting or standing together waiting and waiting on the small peak that is not blocked. Dear God, don't go to bed. Just open your eyes and check out how devout we are. We are waiting for you to wake up. There are more and more people, and we are at the very beginning, keeping the best position to do nothing. Around, the sky on the right began to become white, and the mountains in the distance on the Left began to rise in the fog, and the mountains gradually disappeared. The fog slowly reached us and began to converge, that's the child of the cloud sea! I was so excited that I imagined how magnificent and magnificent it would be when the cloud and the sea formed and the sun was shining!

Finally, the first pale red line between heaven and earth flashed and slowly opened and extended. The crowd cheered, and we stood on the front, but with an ominous omen in our hearts, because this line appeared on the right, rather than between the two peaks on the opposite side, more specifically, after the peak on the right side, the two positions are converted, and our position becomes the side. Although it is high, it is very unfavorable and blocked. When others are paying attention to the changes in the sky, we have been discussing the point of this red line? Will the opposite damn peak really block the sun? We looked at the light frames exposed in the camera, and it was hard to determine. We could only look at the frames that were not blocked. But as the sky becomes more and more red and the center becomes more and more obvious, the people behind us start to shift slowly, and those who stick to it can only wait with a miracle, because where can we go, other places are crowded, and even the boulder is sitting on people. Of course, there is also an open space, that is, the two jushi squeeze out, there is no guardrail of the cliff.

When the time when the sun rises is approaching the sky, and the people on the left are more and more clearly aware that the rising moment is really invisible, when the people on the right start to stir up, when I thought that the sun might rise from the peak, and the pine trees on the top of the peak may be able to organize a good picture, my brother jumped onto the cliff and stood up with a left foot and a right foot ......


Sorry, I only saw granite next, so if I continue to describe it, I can only outline the texture of granite. I did not take a picture of myself, so I was so timid that I was not afraid to wear my shoes. I used my photos to match them.

Sunrise from Shixin peak (photo by Su Yao)

Teeth Burst:
Although I do not agree with my younger brother's risk for that tip, and I hate the secondary diagram, after all, the Sunrise process is complete.
The last one, especially the three-color sun, should be the best photo of this time.

Sunrise from Shixin peak (photo by pucao)

Teeth Burst:
The above figure does not have a secondary diagram, and it is completely retained. Below is a piece of cropping to strengthen the sunrise.
In addition, I think the two shooting points behind the scenes are not close to the distant view, and the scenes are flat. There are more than three dimensions of the Start letter peak.

Lion peak sunrise (photo by claws)

Monkey watching sea sunrise)

Let me talk about my feelings.

When the red line was pulled from the side, my interest in the sunrise plummeted. The difference between reality and ideal is too big, or I think it's so beautiful. The ideal is that the sun exists from the two peaks and the clouds are burning violently. The following clouds and the sea are rolling over, the peak is near-view, the sun is the vision, the sea is the link, the near-view ink, and the vision is brilliant, very three-dimensional.

The reality is ...... The sky is clean, the clouds are not, and the clouds and seas below are not formed, they are all water vapor, and the sun TMD is blocked again, even if you change the unblocked position, yarun also emerged from the dark corners. Without the sea of clouds, the abrupt Mountain Cut off the red line and tore the overall picture. only partial images can be taken ......

You think, Huang Shan, on the top of the Yellow Mountains marked by Chinese ink painting, the weather is good, and everything is taking shape, we look forward to seeing a drop of bright colors on the ink painting, then spread on the rice paper, and finally bloomed brightly, a magnificent Chinese wind sunrise ...... As a result, the stage was not set up yet, and the Set set was still being pulled and piled up with items. The sun jumped out of the scene in a hurry, so it was silly ...... What's your TMD rush! The result is a documentary that can be seen everywhere: The sun is coming out, hello, happy, hello ......

Of course, it is not as frustrating as I described it. After the secondary graph is cropped, the photo is still very beautiful. However, I have figured out that the natural ink painting of Huangshan, the strange peak of near scenes, and the mountains of the distant view provide an excellent stage for sunrise and sunset performances. The next time I look for a good weather, I will try again to see how the bright colors fit into the ink painting. Go to the TMD secondary diagram to make a partial flicker. I want a magnificent visual panorama.

This time, the president found that the peak position was not good, so he switched to the lion peak, and then another person could not climb the peak, and the lion peak stopped in the monkey watching the sea. After I compared the sunrise photos of the three positions, I felt like, in terms of the stage, Shi Xinfeng is still the best. There are both near-landscape visions and a very good three-dimensional sense. The key is to simply clean the screen in the dress of the sea and Xia, and then the position of the sun, which is the final touch. Remember, when you go to Shixin peak to watch the sunrise in winter, please squat on the right side of the peak.

Of course, I still don't know about the Bright Summit, the Lotus Blossom peak, and the Tiandu peak.

Here is a real scenario:

After sunrise, It was the morning sun. I grabbed the camera and pressed two pictures, which is an explanation of this game.

Here are some of my previous days.

When I saw a photo of pucao, it was so burning, I wondered, wow, there was no cloud glow at sunrise. Didn't I find it? Later I checked the date. Oh, it turned out to be the sunset of the previous day. In the sunset, we were tired and gave up. Sorry. I like this photo very much. It's a dry winter day, a sunset, and a silhouette. Not very sparse, not too dense, not messy, not neat, with cloud Xia, the flames feel very good, or even read it, maybe you can feel the burning sound.

By the way, I found several photos of other people I liked (claws and cats ).

Now, go back to the camp and pack your luggage and prepare to climb to the summit! Bright Summit! There are clouds waiting for us!

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