TRIX. tractrix+drawingcenter.v6.5 1CD

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TRIX. tractrix+drawingcenter.v6.5 1CD

Bata East Tab Reader v4.0 for ArcGIS 1CD 1DVD

punch!. 1DVD

Ansoft.siwave.v5.0.1-iso 1CD

Cei. Ensight. GOLD.V9.2.2A 1CD

Cei. Ensight. Gold.v9.2.2a.linux.redhat 1CD

Coventorware v2010.0 1CD

Autodesk Revit MEP Win32_64-iso 1DVD

Neotec Pipeflo v8.3.2.2 1CD

Pressure vessel strength calculation software sw6-1998 V7.0-iso 1CD

Chemoffice Ultra v12.0 1CD

Geodelft mpile v3.9.2.2 1CD

IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RX v2.20.4 1CD

IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 v1.30.1 1CD

Keller CNC symplus V5.0-iso 1CD

TORUS v2.0 1CD

Marvelous Clo3d v2.8.5 1CD

Trace Pro v7.0.1 1CD

Pipelinestudio v3.2.7.5 Final-iso 1CD

Altium Designer Winter v10.391.22084 win32_64-iso 2DVD

AutoCAD Mechanical Win32_64-iso 1DVD

COMSOL multiphysics 4.1 with Update 3-iso 1DVD

Malz.kassner.cad6.v2011.0.2.22-iso 1DVD

Spaceclaim.v2011.win32-iso 1DVD

Spaceclaim.v2011.win64-iso 1DVD
Autodesk Inventor Professional Win32-iso 1DVD

Autodesk Inventor Professional Win64-iso 1DVD

Erdas Imagine 2010-iso 1DVD

geoweb.3d.v2.04 1CD

Sonnet Suite Pro V12.56-iso 1CD & Win64 1DVD

flotherm.pcb.v6.1 Windows 1CD

Mentor Graphics LP Wizard v10.3 1CD

Pcschematic elautomation v10.0.3 1CD

Tekla Structures 17.0 Win64 Multilingual-iso 1DVD

Cadence Spb/orcad 16.30.026 1CD

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3ci.geometryworks3d.features.v11.00.0003.win64.for.solidworks.2011 1CD

CSC Tedds V12.0-iso 1CD

Ls-dyna 971 R5.1.1 Win32 1CD

pipenet.v1.41 1CD

Alibrecam v1.2 1CD

Altera Quartus II v.11.0 complete Design Suite win32_64-iso 1DVD

Genesis v9.7 1CD

Tecplot R1 1CD

Cadence vsde v4.1 ISR17 Linux 1CD

Cimco Edit v6.0145 1CD

3ci.geometryworks3d.v10.00.0016.for.solidworks.win32 1CD
Etap.powerstation.v7.5-iso 1DVD

Geocontrol 2.1 Build 1CD

Synopsys SPW vE-2010.12 Linux 1CD 1CD

GMI Caliper v2.0 1CD

GMI Mohrfracs v2.6 1CD

GMI Wellcheck v2.5 1CD 1CD 1CD

Sxftools v2.1 win32_64 1CD
Cadwork 18.0-iso 1DVD

Hypermill v9.0 in AMD SP2.00 1CD

ESI pam-stamp 2G 2011.0 win32_64-iso 1DVD

Planswift Professional v8.6.0.18 1CD

Jason v8.2 Windows-iso 1DVD

Pointcloud v6.0412 for AutoCAD 2010_2011 Win32 1CD

TRIX. drawingcenter.v6.5 1CD

TRIX. tractrix.v6.5 1CD

Autodesk.inventor.publisher.2012.win32 1CD

Autodesk.inventor.publisher.2012.win64 1CD

IAR Embedded Workbench for national Semiconductor cr16c v3.10.1 1CD

IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas r32c v1.31.1 1CD

Mepo v3.2.4 1CD

1D Riemann Source Code 1CD

TRIX. tractrix+drawingcenter.v6.5 1CD

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