Troubleshoot award BIOS Board Ghost Slow speed problem

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At present, the method of installing the system is relatively simple and quick, nothing more than a U disk PE boot, manual ghost, until the familiar blue-gray interface appears, the next assumption by the progress bar rolling, is a matter of minutes, but there are users to reflect the 500G hard disk, cache 16M computer Ghost speed only 150M What is this for?

This phenomenon does have a lot of users have encountered, ghost speed of thousands of trillion per minute is very common, ghost speed is too slow in the SATA IED Combined mode to open the motherboard, as long as the next motherboard BIOS settings can be changed. Let's take the award BIOS board as an example to teach you how to turn off SATA IED Combined mode (federated).

There is a integrated peripherals (peripheral device parameter settings) after entering BIOS setup

Inside sub options include onboard Device (onboard devices)

SATA IED Combined Mode (federated mode) option available after expansion

This option is set to "Enable" by default, set to "Disable", and then rerun Ghost for problem resolution.

Tip: When combined mode is open, the BIOS can detect 6 SATA interfaces, only 4 SATA connectors after the shutdown, and the disappearance of these 2 is the crux of the problem (if the hard drive is inserted in 5, 6 on the cup), many motherboards on the two SATA (usually SATA5, SATA6) interface and IDE channel are shared one data channel, this kind of sharing mode in DOS environment support is not ideal, eventually lead to ghost slow.

Users who meet this type of problem can refer to this method, and the BIOS project name location may vary slightly depending on the motherboard type, but is essentially the same.

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