Troubleshoot problems with ThinkPad E450 external monitor without sound

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Yesterday, the company with the ThinkPad E450 brought back, today when the use of all normal no problem.

Because to watch the video side to do something else, I will add a monitor, say to my this monitor, you absolutely can not imagine what

Display. My monitor is a Lenovo display, Lenovo's monitor what is special, really. Don't worry, listen to me: you've seen

Legend the display of the brand? Legend and Lenovo have a hair relationship, not only the relationship but also the father-son relationship, it is understood that Lenovo's previous existence is

LEGEND, that is to say, Lenovo's first name was LEGEND, and later changed to Lenovo. Well, what's so special about this monitor that you know

Date of shipment? I'm telling you this monitor was shipped from June 10, 2002. How many years are you going to figure it out for yourself? All right, chit chat when, that's enough chatter.

See my monitor link:

So the link is good and there is no sound, open the sound settings in the control Panel are as follows:

Click to test Dead or alive no sound, this is just let people depressed, tinker for a while to get out, set the following, very simple a setting:

Right-click Set as the default device, you can hear the sound of the boom, congratulations on the sound.

Troubleshoot problems with ThinkPad E450 external monitor without sound

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