Troubleshoot plug-in download failures for JetBrains's products (IntelliJ idea, RubyMine, Webstorm, Phpstorm, Pycharm, Appcode, Android studio, etc.)

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I used the idea to install Go language Plug-ins, almost every time the download failed, download speed is very slow, and midway interrupted, there is no break-through function, starting again or will be midway off. The solution is actually very simple, into the JetBrains official plug-in warehouse address:

Select the development tool you are using and search the box in the upper left corner to search for the plugins you need:

For example, I want the Go language plugin, enter go, and then click going:

The first search is the plugin I need, point in:

You can see which development tools the plug-in supports, version is the plugin build number, and compatible builds indicates which version of the development tool you are currently selecting is compatible with the plugin.

I open my idea and click Help-about:

You can see my version number is 162.1121.32, the version corresponds to the version in the Red box, so choose that version of the download.

The plugin download address is actually the same as downloading the plugin with the development tool, so it is still slow and may be interrupted, but you can continue to pass the breakpoint, and when the download is interrupted you can click on it again and again until the download is successful.

After the successful download point File-settings-plugins-install plugin from disk ..., select the plugin location you downloaded, click OK, then restart, fix.

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