Troubleshooting for USB Printer port settings

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If you encounter a USB printer Port setup failure, friend Xu recently bought a new EPSONC40 color inkjet printer, in the dealer test can be installed and normal printing, but installed on their computer is not able to print, installation no problem, The problem is that the port settings are causing the data to not be transferred to the printer, and the port settings cannot be changed. Dealer door-to-door service prompts may Epson printer driver and Xu computer in the rising anti-virus software monitoring program conflict, try to screen the monitoring program, still can not solve this problem, try to uninstall the rising anti-virus software, also can not solve the problem, in time haste, distributors suggest reloading system.

If multi-party coordination is not resolved, Xu has to ask me to help with debugging. I will take the printer to my home test, but also can be installed, but you need to specify the default USB port to the Usbsystem port before the normal printing. This is strange, the printer also pick a computer? I guess I have to figure out what's so special about the computer. The problem is that the

has been cross-examined to learn that the distributor's computer board is Intel chipset, that my Computer motherboard is Intel chipset, and that the PC motherboard is on the VIA chipset. The PC motherboard via chipset driver is not installed, I confidently spoke to Xu about the problem.

But I still have the luck to think that the USB driver is not installed, so I dial the Internet to the Via web site, download usbfilterdriver (windows2000/9x/nt,v

1.08,12/12/2000) and install, Then reload the printer driver, see the port settings are still problematic, trying to specify the port, but not successful, so still unable to print.

won't let me help Xu Chong install the system according to the dealer's advice? That can take me a lot of time, but that day is Sunday, I have free, after some debugging failed, I reluctantly to help Xu Chong installed WIN98SE operating system, a long half an hour passed, the system reload, and then install the USB

Filterdriver, reload printer driver, The result is the same as the problem or cannot be printed.

As disappointed as I am, Xu asked me, is there really no way?

I have no words, thinking maybe the c-disk format after the reload system and the Via four All-in-one drive can solve this problem, but this last move I really do not want to use, because Xu's computer lack of drive, lack of software, it will cost me a lot of time! But under the repeated requests, I had to give this last resort.

Then I dial the Internet to the Via web site to download via4in1driver (via four All-in-one Drive, windows2000/9x/nt,v4.31,06/01/2001), whichAfter the long format of the C disk, reinstall the WIN98SE operating system, and then install via

4in1driver, sound card driver, graphics driver, and finally reload printer driver, this is okay, the computer admitted to the printer port, completely without setting, Print test page no problem, Printing some pictures and documents is no problem, finally done!

Success is late at night, really hard ah: P, after reloading Office2000, Jinshan poison pa, commonly used games (BH2000, CS) and so on no longer detailed, in short after testing found and most software no conflict.

Here's a reminder reader: When you encounter problems with this type of computer that does not correctly identify your peripherals, you may want to address them from the motherboard chipset driver. In addition, the correct via four one-driver installation method should be after reinstalling Windows, first install four in one drive, and then install the sound card, graphics driver, modem and network card hardware devices such as the driver

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