Tudou and other big three not listed video New deal after the licensing

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In the policy control video website finally ushered in the second batch of licences. Shanghai Securities newspaper reporter learned that the second batch of "Information network to disseminate audio-visual program license" (hereinafter referred to as "video license") recently issued, 酷6网 (ku6.com), Yau Network (uusee.com), etc., respectively, have been approved video sharing, Peer-to-peer video live site.

Yau Network to confirm the formal access to the State administration of radio and television issued by the video license, thus becoming the first batch of access to the license plate Peer-to-peer video platform. Yau Network President Li Zhu Foreign said, Peer-to-peer video broadcast platform to obtain this certificate that the Government of the mainstream culture of affirmation, while the Peer-to-peer video industry in the orderly development of confidence. Cool 6, six rooms have also confirmed the video license has been received. Six room CEO Liu Yan said that the company from the relevant departments to implement the standardization of video site management began to prepare relevant information and application, this time was approved because the preparation of the full.

However, the reporter learned that the current video-sharing field ranking of the top three of Tudou, my Music network, Youku is currently not licensed video. In early April, when Sarft issued the first batch of 23 video licences, video-sharing sites were not listed.

The three video-sharing sites did not address the reasons for failing in the second batch of licences.

There is speculation in the industry, Tudou, my Music network, Youku have a temporary shutdown experience, this or cause the three major websites failed to obtain a licence. But not so long ago, Youku CEO Koo and Tudou executives had openly said they would all be able to get a license to enter the "final Circle" of the video-sharing site.

Although the relevant policies on video-sharing site strict control, but many people in the industry for the future development of the sector optimistic attitude. A video site related people told reporters that the video industry standards for the video industry is not as pessimistic as the outside world, in fact, is a good signal, means that the video industry began to have influence, also has the responsibility. In this context, the industry is likely to have sustained rapid growth.

The policy intervention will further strengthen the threshold of the video web site industry and help to build a standardized market for competition, according to a report published by Analysys International recently. Analysys International believes that the dual pressure on policies and funds will enable small and medium sized video operators to withdraw from the market or move to a more fragmented market, with a rapid increase in market concentration. The polarization trend of the market will make several leading enterprises have better bargaining power of the industrial chain, and the sales environment tends to be benign.

For the current video site competition, easy to view that the customer's contention has just begun, several mainstream sites in the consolidation of users and traffic based on the focus will be shifted to advertising sales and profitability level, enterprises have to prove their own potential profitability this year. The punishment in the early 2008 has a larger impact. The impact of this policy will be translated into the advertising revenue sector. Other mainstream companies that are licensed will benefit from the consolidation and gain greater market share in subsequent market competition.

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