[Turn] five essential life lessons

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5 life lessons you will learn the hard way

1. It takes consistent time and effort to be an expert in any area.
No matter which field you want to become an expert, you must make constant efforts and time.

This is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind. people usually get discouraged when it takes more time than they thought it will. one thing to keep in mind is that people refer only to people who have already achieved what you want to be, which most people fail to do. they look at other unsuccessful people and apply those criteria to them even before they take action. look at any successful person and you'll notice one thing common in all of them. they took time to learn and mastered their craft like no one else. there is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.
This is the first and most important thing to remember. When people think that the time is longer than expected, they usually get frustrated. But remember: people only mention people who have succeeded, and most people end up failing. People look at other unsuccessful people and apply those rules to them if they haven't acted. If you find a successful person, you will find that the successful person has something in common. They work harder than ordinary people to learn and master their skills. There is no elevator on the road to success. You can only go to level 1 to climb the stairs.

2. You don't have to live your life in a way society wants you.
You don't have to live in the way society wants you to live.

Decades of old beliefs, superstitions and rituals are being stored med these days and are followed blindly without questioning their rationale. parents sometimes force their children to select a career they don't want because other children have selected that career. girls are made to follow some rituals in their family which makes no sense to them at all. worst of all, people follow them without even asking. there is no harm in old rituals and beliefs but when you pursue them before your interest, sooner or later you'll realize that you should first do what you think is right.
Decades of old habits, superstition and rules have recently become popular, and people blindly follow the trend without questioning the theoretical basis for doing so. Sometimes, parents force their children to choose a major that their children do not like because other children choose that major. At home, girls should observe rules that are meaningless to them. The worst thing is that people do not even ask questions. Old Rules and old customs do nothing, but when you do it before you are interested, you will soon realize that you should first do what you think is correct.

3. We don't care about the things we get easily.
We don't care about what is easy to get

This is true in all the areas of life. take health for example. very few people take their health seriously. they know that if their health is lost, they won't be happy, still they eat junk food and never exercise, keep accumulating fat and keep spending on weight loss programs. still nothing works. why? Because they don't take their health seriously and the real reason behind that is they have got it for free. we spend thousands on cars and take care of them nicely. imagine what wowould have been the price of human body if we had to pay for it? And then imagine how well we wocould take care of it if we had paid a huge amount of money to get our body.
This is a perfect solution. Take health as an example. Few people take health seriously. They know they will be unhappy when they are unhealthy, but they still eat junk food, don't exercise, keep accumulating fat, and keep losing weight. But it is still ineffective. Why? Because they don't take their bodies seriously, because they have their bodies without paying any price. We spent thousands of dollars on the car, so we will keep the car safe. If a person's body has a price, how much do we have to pay? Then let's think about how we treat our bodies if we have to pay a lot of money to get our bodies?

4. In a world where everyone is trying to be like someone else, it takes great amount of courage to take the road less traveled.
In a world where everyone wants to be someone else, it takes a lot of courage to take the path where few people are going.

In our whole life, we are always asking ten people before taking any step. we always want to validate that we are sure and do not make any mistake. we are too scared to fail hence, we follow the same path that everyone suggests, do the same thing everyone does, take the same career path everyone takes, wear the same clothes everyone wears, and hang out with the same people we work. why? Because we are scared. but when you get bored of life, you realize that you are not meant to do what everyone does and that your destiny is different than anyone else's out there in the world. but the price we pay to realize this is high because it takes a tremendous amount of guts to follow your own trail by listening to your heart.

In our life, we always ask 10 people's views before action. We always want to make sure that this is acceptable, so that we will not make any mistakes. We are too afraid of failure, So we follow the advice of others, do what others do, follow the professional path of others, wear the same clothes as others, play with colleagues. Why? Because we are so scared. However, when you feel bored, you will realize that you should not do what others do. Your fate is different from that of others in the world. However, it takes us too much to realize this, because it requires a lot of courage to listen to ourselves and follow our own path.

5. You have to break the rules sometimes.
Sometimes you need to break the rules.

We follow rules so that things are in order and no one is disturbed unnecessarily. this is true in case of traffic and other company rules but when it comes to your life, there are rules made by people who are scared to do something apart from their routine and therefore they made rules to prevent others doing so. but when time passes by and you think you are not being directed towards your goal and these so called rules are your biggest obstacles, break them. sometimes, we need to be bold and act courageously.
We observe the rules so that things will be orderly and no one will be disturbed. This applies to traffic rules and company rules. But in your life, some rules are set by people who do not dare to do anything except daily activities. They set rules to prevent others from doing so. However, as time passes, you think you are not moving toward the goal. The so-called rules are your biggest obstacle. Let's break them. Sometimes we need to be bold and brave.

After all, life lessons are always learned the hard way. however, if you are smart enough to learn early and wish not to waste your precious time learning them the hard way, learn them now and apply it to your life as soon as possible.
After all, lessons learned in life always take a hard time. However, if you are smart enough to learn them earlier and don't want to waste precious time learning these lessons, you can learn them now, they can be used in your life as soon as possible.

[Turn] five essential life lessons

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