[Turn] MoU a markdown tool

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Show preview Window Toggle Live Preview:shift + CMD + I

Display words Toggle Words counter:shift + Cmd + W

Sets the current window to transparent window Toggle Transparent:shift + CMD + T

Fixed Current window Toggle Floating:shift + CMD + F

edit window and Preview window equal left/right = 1/1: CMD + 0

The editing window and the preview window display proportionally 3:1 left/right = 3/1: CMD + +

The editing window and the preview window display proportionally 1:3 left/right = 1/3: CMD +-

Text Direction Toggle Writing Orientation:cmd + L

Full screen display switch Toggle Fullscreen:control + CMD + F


Copy html:option + CMD + C

Highlight selected text Strong:select text, CMD + B

Displays the selected text in italics emphasize:select text, CMD + I

Inline code:select text, CMD + K

Add strikethrough strikethrough:select text, CMD + U

Insert Hyperlink Link:select text, Control + Shift + L

Insert Image Image:select text, Control + Shift + I

Select the current word select Word:control + Option + W

Select Current Line Select Line:shift + CMD + L

Select all Select All:cmd + A

Uncheck all deselect All:cmd + D

Convert selected text to capital letter convert to Uppercase:select text, Control + U

Converts the selected text to lowercase letters convert to Lowercase:select text, Control + Shift + U

Capitalize the first letter of all words in the selected text convert to Titlecase:select text, Control + Option

Inserts the selected text into the number Convert to List:select lines, Control + L

Convert selected text to reference block convert to Blockquote:select lines, Control + Q

Convert line of cursor to level 1 title convert to H1:cmd + 1

Convert line of cursor to level 2 title convert to H2:cmd + 2

Convert line of cursor to level 3 title convert to H3:cmd + 3

Convert current line to level 4 title convert to H4:cmd + 4

Convert current line to level 5 title convert to H5:cmd + 5

Convert current line to level 6 title convert to H6:cmd + 6

Convert Spaces to Tabs:control + [

Convert Tabs to Spaces:control +]

Insert Current date Insert Date:control + Shift + 1

Insert Current time Insert Time:control + Shift + 2

Insert < symbol insert entity <: Control + Shift +,

Insert > Symbol insert entity;: Control + Shift +.

Insert $ symbol Insert entity &: Control + Shift + 7

Insert entity Space:control + Shift + Space

Insert scriptogr.am Header:control + Shift + G

Left indent Shift line left:select lines, CMD + [

Right indent Shift line right:select lines, CMD +]

Insert Next line New Line:cmd + Return

Add Comment Comment:cmd +/

Insert line break hard Linebreak:control + Return


AutoComplete Word auto Complete current Word:escape

Find Voicefind:cmd + F

Cancel the Find box Close find Bar:esc


Post on Scriptogr.am:Control + Shift + S

Submit to Tunblr Post on Tumblr:control + Shift + T


Export to HTML format file export html:option + CMD + E

Exporting to PDF file export pdf:option + CMD + P

In fact, the most critical time is still by: cmd+r

[Turn] MoU a markdown tool

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