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A great man in the IT industry said that success is not simply a copy, but not a copy. In fact, I understand that this sentence is very practical if it is used in website construction. For webmasters, success is a habit of continuous replication, which is hard to do simply. First, the webmaster should have at least a long-term blueprint for his own station, and at least have his own ideas on what stage to do. When you are successful, you will find that everything is so necessary, you are so cute and so tenacious.

A more appropriate example: for new webmasters who have just started to build a website, the website is like a White Paper to be smeared. New webmasters face the opportunity to write their personal talents very well. As the old saying goes: "A good start is half the success ." It fully demonstrates that the new Webmaster can form good optimization habits in the initial development of the website and plays an important role in the long-term security of the website. Therefore, we must make full use of this important stage to develop the following four good habits of website optimization:

The first good way: The foundation of a website is external links, so webmasters must not ignore them. They must develop a good habit of adding external links every day. As we all know, in addition to website content, external links are another key factor that plays a "half of the country" role in website Seo optimization. While cultivating websites with original high-quality content, we also need to cultivate good external chain habits. In the specific process of constructing external links, you should pay attention to three problems: first, the selection of items such as admin5, chinaz, tui18 is a high-weight, fast-indexing Forum platform or some forums with .gov.cn suffixes. Second, maintain a moderate frequency of publishing, rather than releasing too many external links at a time, third, we often keep an eye on and monitor whether the external chain is deleted, and ensure that the external chain exists for a long time so that it can play a better role. If you can develop such a good habit and stick to it at the beginning of your website, we believe that it will make a great leap in your website's optimization effect and lead the way in similar websites.

Second, good solution : The internal chain can be considered as the backbone of a website. Therefore, the internal chain must be carefully, carefully, and well planned and organized. In fact, the internal link of a website is like a "manager" or "Prime Minister" for a website. A good internal link can well manage the website content, especially for the Spider sent by the search engine, it can make the spider crawl the content at all levels of the website more smoothly, greatly improving the website's friendliness to the search engine, this allows websites to be crawled and indexed by search engines. In order to fundamentally ensure and improve the optimization effect, the webmaster should focus on the use of the site content at the beginning of the site is still not much favorable time, and actively do a good job in the website's internal chain work, with the increasing content, the website can still provide well-organized internal chain guidance to search engines, and play the role of internal chain in deepening and improving the website optimization effect.

third good solution : The content of a website is like the leaves and branches. If it is not beautiful, the website is a "big tree" and it cannot attract the eyes of others. It can even be said that for users or search engines, the first thing to measure the quality of a website is whether it can provide high-quality content, if it is just a collection of patchwork content, such a Website Cannot be affirmed or liked by users and search engines, and there is no benefit for website optimization. The content is king and is one of the most well-known words in the SEO field. It is about the important and effective Effect of original high-quality content on website weight improvement. Therefore, in the early stages of website development, we must establish the concept of "quality stand by". For website content organizations, we must pay attention to and highlight original, fresh, and high-quality content, avoid using the collected content with a high repetition rate, and leave a good impression on the search engine from the very beginning. Use the original content to gain a favorable feeling and dependency and gain a higher weight, higher ranking, better indexing, and snapshot.

A good foundation is the guarantee for success. If the website does not lay a good foundation in the initial stage of development, and you want to solve the optimization problem quickly and make the optimization back on track, the difficulty of the website is much higher than that of the website in the initial stage of development. In the face of a new station like a blank piece of paper, the webmaster needs to plan ahead, make full use of the favorable situation in the early stages of development, and gradually develop the above four good standing habits, this will lay a solid foundation for the long-term optimization of the website, so that the website can benefit from this for a long time. In terms of optimization, the PK between webmasters always lies in habits and good habits, instead of overnight efforts and hard work.

This article was first launched in A5. It was written by Taizhou Seo http://www.0576.org/webmaster. For more information, see here. Thank you!

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