Tutorial on how to capture a CD as a WAV file

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Tutorial on how to capture a CD as a WAV file

1. First, the implementation of exact Audio Copy (hereinafter referred to as EAC) main program, open EAC main interface;

2. Then open the "drive options" in the EAC item in the menu bar to set up the catch mode.

Note: This is critical and directly affects the audio quality of the captured rail

3. "Catch mode" setting: It is recommended to use precise flow, disable caching, do not use C2 security mode, catch track.


A. Outbreak mode catch only read once, the other mode read two times, two times to catch the data just passed, not the same to scratch, caught all the same pass, so the safe mode of grasping the data to be guaranteed.

B. Disable caching, that is, do not put the data into the cache, the reading of the two data is compared to start recording, the proposed ban.

C. If the use of C2, the drive will automatically correct the disc, do not use C2, will not be correct, if the pursuit of original flavor of the effect, it is recommended not to use C2.

4. Fill in the necessary information, such as: CD title, CD artist, CD year, etc.

5. Select the type of capture file: There are usually two forms of capture CD, one is the whole disc caught into a WAV file (called "Whole track"), this way the CD is the same as the master CD, recommended use. Another is to separate the tracks to grab a single wav (called "split track"), the track can not create a CD list cue file, so it is recommended to use the "whole track" way to catch.

Note: The whole track way to score rail mode is good, catch into the whole track, at any time can use the cue list, raw composition track song files, while burning CDs, the whole track way to retain the original CD-ROM between the gap between the song (original); Therefore, we suggest that when you catch the track of the whole track.

6. Select the files that are caught on the track and save them in the folder on your hard disk.

7. Start to catch the rail.

8. Save the log file, catch the track complete.

That's OK!

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