Tutorial on Lossless 4 K Alignment Using paragon alignment tool

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Paragon alignment tools are software tools that can be used for both physical and virtual systems. It can be used to detect and solve alignment problems in 4 K physical sector advanced formatting drive (AF drive), SSD, and independent Disk redundancy array (RAID. Using Pat for detection and realignment of sectors ensures optimal performance of the system and raid, while ensuring maximum service life in an SSD environment.

Download paragon alignment and install and run it:
1. Paragon alignment tool itself should have a front-end program that automatically checks whether there is any misunderstanding on the hard disk. If so, users should not be allowed to execute the alignment program.

2. Further, Paragon alignment should be able to identify the bad areas on the hard disk, separate them and close them (no longer used) in addition to the [1] Point) or repair, and then perform the alignment program.

3. You can seeYour hard disk is on the left.On the right side, it indicates that, if Green is displayed, it is already 4 K aligned, and yellow is displayed, it can be 4 K aligned, but not aligned, while pink, it does not support advanced formatting, that is, alignment of 4 K is useless. Select a hard disk that is not aligned with the yellow color, check the disk, and then click align partitons below

3. Then there will be a brief alignment process, which is very fast and can be completed within one minute.

4. The following interface will be automatically displayed later. You don't need to worry about it here,Click restart align and the computer restarts automatically.

5. After the instance is restarted, it will jumpConvert to dos for alignmentThis process depends on the size and usage of your hard disk. The fewer files in the hard disk, the faster the alignment. I aligned a hard disk that uses more than 400 GB of files, it took about two hours. During this process, the computer should not be powered off, and the alignment program should not be forced to stop; otherwise, the hard disk may be damaged!

6. After alignment, the computer restarts automatically. after entering the system, a window pops up. You can see that the partition icon has changed to green, andA successful succeeded ID, now the 4 K hard disk is aligned.

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