Tutorial on sending and receiving webmail through Thunderbird

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Thunderbird webmail sending and receiving tutorials (Yahoo Hotmail, etc)

Maybe everyone is not familiar with Thunderbird (TB ). In fact, he is developed by Mozilla like Firefox (don't tell me you haven't even heard of Firefox), so it also supports extensions like Firefox, based on these powerful extensions, we can do things that other software cannot do, but let's talk about sending and receiving webmail like Hotmail and Yahoo.

1. First download the webmail extension in the http://webmail.mozdev.org/installation.html
Webmail is required, and all others are for various mailbox extensions. select what you want.

2. Open Thunderbird, find the [Tool] --> [extension], and add the extension you just added here (with the extension name xpi ). Once added, TB is required to be restarted.

3. Open [file] --> [new] --> [account], and you will find an additional web email. Select [web mail] and click [next].

4. You must enter [name] and [email] Here, and then click [next].

5. Here is a place to note. You must fill in the full name of your email in [receiving username], not just your name. Now, you can receive emails but cannot send emails.

6. on the main interface, click [account settings] --> [send SMTP server] --> [add]. Note that the server name must be set to "localhost" (excluding quotation marks ), port 25. Finally, select [always use the name and password]. Here, only the user name in your mailbox is entered. [Secure connection] may be different from the mailbox. Generally, select "TLS, when available". If not, change the options.

7. Now that all your TB data has been configured, click [get message] and enter the password to receive webmail.

Because many people have never used terabytes, I have written a few things. In fact, the configuration process is quite simple.

Afterwards: As mentioned above, you can do a lot of things based on the powerful extensions of TB. If you are interested, you can go to the official website to find some extensions for fun.

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