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1. When I press ENTER at the end of a line, I jump to a separate line of paragraphs, how do I avoid skipping to the next paragraph?

A. The [Shift]+[enter] is a good way to control paragraph relationships by pressing the [Shift] key and then pressing the carriage return to the following line.

2. How do I add a background to a piece of text?

A. Move the cursor first to the paragraph you want to define (if there is no hard return between the segments, to add the same background to each of these paragraphs, press the right mouse button, select [Style] in [paragraph properties], and in the [color] item we can see background and foreground colors, and [background image] selections.

Note: Hard return means that you press ENTER directly after a paragraph to reach another line (one row).

3. How can you not display the boundaries of a frame?

A. Select [Frame Page properties] in the main menu [frame], in the last option [frame], remove the hook for the display boundary item, and you will not see the boundary when browsing in the browser.

4. How do I make two pictures overlap?

A. One way to do this is to add a background to a paragraph, and then insert a picture on the paragraph. The second way is to draw a table, put the picture or text in, the cursor moved to the table, press the right mouse button to select [Table Properties], if you change the spacing between [border line width], [cell edge] in [layout] to 0, you can make two or more pictures overlap by selecting [Use background image] in the [custom background] item.

What is the role of 5.frontpage2000 's [title Ad manager]?

A.FRONTPAGE2000 's [title Ad Manager] role is to arrange several pictures to play in turn, and can be made into a hyperlink form, linked to another page.

6. Why did I use the [title Ad Manager] After the page did not respond?

A. In fact, this is a javaapplet program, in the FrontPage2000 [browsing] state we can see the effect, but we save the file will find that the page is not normal display, so that the page in the [HTML] state, you will see such a section of the display: Appletcode = "Fprotate.class" codebase= "_fpclass″. This is a temporary state-generated file that requires the Fprotate.class file copy to the directory where your Web page resides (fprotateclass files are located in the x:\ProgramFiles\ Microsoft FrontPage \fpclass directory. Also can look up through the Windows search function, at the same time to delete this sentence Codebase=″_fpclass″ deleted, the page can be normal browsing.

7. Why does my search form not work after uploading?

A. Because it requires the support of CGI programs on the server.

8. How to set up counter and message book?

A. The same need for the server's CGI program, usually provide personal home space provider can provide, such as NetEase, the provision of a program copy to the appropriate location of the Web page, the reference to the corresponding change to the name of their application, but pay attention to the counter only Web page upload can be displayed. At present, many providers of free personal space are used in UNIX systems, the counter design provided by the FRONTPAGE98 is designed for windowsnt use, in the UNIX system can not be used.

9. Why some pages in the [preview] state will show [the page may not preview correctly because of its ...]?

A. Because Microsoft has its own unique Dynamic HTML (dynamichtml) technology in FrontPage2000, it is possible that other Web browsers do not support it well, resulting in a failure to preview properly.

What is the use of special styles in 10.frontpage2000 's font properties?

A. You can move the text up, down, and other shifts on one line to make some different effects.

11. Why does my page have no dynamic buttons when I insert a dynamic button?

A. This requires javaapplet support, so that the page in the [HTML] state, you can see the following paragraph shows: <appletcode= "Fphover.class" codebase= _fpclass″. codebase= "_fpclass″" delete the sentence, and then copy the Fphover.class file to the target directory.

12. How to construct a picture with transparent background and activity?

A. This requires some graphics processing tools to implement, here is a dedicated to create a Web page animated GIF file good software: PaintShopPro6, and it comes with the animationshop can easily be implemented in addition to a part of the picture opaque, other parts become transparent.

13. I want to arrange the image next to the text, how can I do it?

A. Method One, first select the "Formatting toolbar" under Menu [view], you can see 3 buttons with 6 horizontal lines on the toolbar, their role is left-aligned, centered, right alignment, we know this can be in line to achieve a paragraph of text in the left, center, right alignment, if we put a picture next to a few paragraphs of text , click on the picture, then left or right to alignment, the picture will obediently lined up next to the text. Method Two, the use of table function, first draw a table without boundaries, and then insert the cell, the picture into one of the cells, the text in another lattice, it is OK.

14. I use FrontPage2000 design Web page, how to make text font automatically adapt to the browser, and will not lead to garbled?

A. If you install a simplified windows,frontpage98 will automatically encode it, we can click the right mouse button [page properties] of [language], you can see the system has been automatically used in simplified, Automatic coding mode.

15. How to achieve in the same page between the different positions jump?

A. The method is simple, this is achieved by using the [edit] function under the main menu. If we want to jump to the end of the page at the beginning of the hyperlink from the beginning of the page, first define the word "start", press [Ctrl+k] (that is, hyperlink under Menu [edit]), see [Bookmark], enter the word "end" in a blank position, and the second step is to define the end of the page "End", then select the [Bookmark] menu [edit], enter the word "end" in the [book Signature] entry, and then "OK". In fact, the name of the bookmark can be renamed casually, but are changed to facilitate the expression jump to the position as well. You can also use this method to jump from one page to another in a certain location, except to select [the target frame] in the [options], and then make [bookmarks].

16. Can I design a song menu on my own web page?

A. Yes, by using the plugins feature of the [advanced] item in the main menu [insert], browse to the selected mid or WAV file in the data source.

17. Why do I use the page properties in FrontPage2000 to place the background music, with a lower version of Netscape while browsing without sound? How is the frequency of music cycling controlled?

A. Although there is now a unified HTML language standard, but because IE and Netscape are made by different companies, so everyone's source code can not be the same, to the HTML language to understand that the code to support the background tag is completely different, but this in the high version of Netscape browser has been resolved, if you want to use fro NtPage98 Insert background music and want to make some of the lower version of the browser to enjoy the background music, the solution is as follows: Make the page in the [HTML] state, you can see that there are such a similar sentence: bgsoundsrc= "Midi/sound.mid" loop= "-1", This is IE acceptable source code tag, loop= " -1″ is the meaning of infinite loop, when the plug-in form to place the background music, the source is: Src=″file:///sound.wav" align= "absmiddle" Hiddenautostart = " True, Hidden is a hidden plug-in for plug-in properties, and the autostart= "true" added later is to show AutoPlay, but this can only be played once, followed by a sentence of Loop=″infinite″ or Loop=″true″. This allows the lower versions of different browsers to support an infinite loop of playback of the background music.

18. Can you make a picture or text on your Web page automatically adapt to different resolutions?

A. No, but there is a way to try, I was in the 640x480 resolution design their own Web page, for text can use the function key [Shift]+[enter] to set the control length. For text-mixed rows, if you want to insert a picture between two paragraphs (without using the [Shift]+[enter] key to control the paragraph), [paragraph properties] in [paragraph], select [Background image] in the options [color] of [style], so that a picture that is not a big one is covered with a whole paragraph, Can be adapted automatically at different resolutions, if you just want to add a background to the text in a whole line of discontent, don't want the rest of this line to be filled with the entire line, by first defining the row, right-clicking the font options [style] in the font properties, and putting a picture or background color in the [color] item, The advantage of this is that the flexibility is much higher than the form of paragraphs to control the background of the text, even if the use of [shift]+[enter] to arrange paragraph text does not matter.

19. How do pages in multiple frames allow viewers to choose their width freely?

A. Press the right mouse button on the specified page of the frame, choose Frame properties, and allow the viewer to choose Width in [resize in browser] in [options], and [show scrollbars] to set whether the browsing screen requires a scroll bar.

20. Why I use the FrontPage2000 design of the hyperlink in [normal] and [preview] status of the screen to see the lower left corner of the display is flie:///d:/...?

A. This is actually not a relationship, when you upload the page, it will automatically be changed to the path on the server.

21. How does a page automatically jump to another page after a few seconds?

A. Click the right mouse button, select [Customize] the [Page properties], click the Add],[name entry in the system variable] to add the refresh,[value] entry to the 2;url=1.htm. Where 2 indicates that the time to wait is 2 seconds and can be freely changed, url=1.htm represents another hypertext file name to jump.

22. How do I make a hyperlink's image not appear with a blue border?

A. Right-click the image, select [Image Properties], select [appearance], change [border line width] in [layout] to 0, and the function in [alignment] can control the relationship between the image and the text.

23. When the image can not be displayed normally, how to display the text of the description image content?

A. Right click on the image to select [Image Properties], you can see [replaceable representations] there is a [text] This option, fill in the text to explain the image content of the line.

All of the above are implemented in the [normal] state of the FrontPage2000 editor. Actually use the change page, tables, cells, fonts, images and other properties of the various functions, is able to arrange the position of the page text, and can create a lot of style, flexible use of FrontPage2000, do not understand the HTML programming language friends, so can design a person to see the love of the Web page.

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