Two-day Summary of Android

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On weekends, you can modify bugs and add features for the last software release.

1. Added multi-language support.

Add the values-zh-rCN directory corresponding to values. The internal xml file is the same as the values file, but the file name is named "s", such as strings -----> string

The system automatically selects the configuration file based on the region selected by the user. The same is true for resolution.

2. Join Sina Weibo to share and display

The basic process is to use Requestcode to obtain the AccessToken. Based on the example program.

Note that only the jar package is not enough. Update the entire project on svn.

3. When the phone calls/, the music is paused.




Class PhoneStatReceiver extend BoroadcastReceiver;

OnReceiver Implementation Method


<Cycler android: name = ". Music. phonestatemedier">
<Action android: name = "android. intent. action. PHONE_STATE"/>
<Action Android: Name = "android. Intent. Action. new_outgoing_call"/>



<Uses-Permission Android: Name = "android. Permission. read_phone_state"> </uses-Permission>
<Uses-Permission Android: Name = "android. Permission. process_outgoing_cils"> </uses-Permission>




However, every time a call is made, the program crashes and the log shows



06-26 15:14:54. 571: ERROR/AndroidRuntime (226): java. lang. runtimeException: Unable to instantiate receiver com. amulet. filter. phoneStatReceiver: java. lang. classNotFoundException: com. amulet. filter. phoneStatReceiver in loader dalvik. system. pathClassLoader @ 44c06c6


I don't know why, maybe it's a problem with the author's name.


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