Two main points to purchase domain name: Attention to the weighting of domain names and user friendliness

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Shopping domain name has been a headache for webmaster, a lot of the first webmaster friends in the Internet is so, they do not understand how the domain name should choose to be able to attract the attention of search engines, and they do not know what kind of domain name can cause user friendliness, improve the user's memory, To this day for novice webmaster to analyze some of the main points of choice, hope to be able to help more webmaster friends.

Novice stationmaster all know pig website, his domain name is Zhubajie, still have our familiar A5 website, his domain name is admin5, these website's popularity promotes with the domain name of the website has very big relation, from the domain name itself pinyin starts, We can see that the brand of these sites and the site's domain name pinyin is exactly the same, so that the site itself to build the weight of the search, the search engine that the keywords should occupy the first place, because his site is for this keyword and raw, So I suggest you novice webmaster in the future when the domain name can be established brand keyword, in the choice of domain name, finally reached the domain name itself on the Baidu home page.

Many users search the site will be directly search the site's keywords, such as QQ sites, users in Baidu input QQ This word, the first site is QQ plus COM, from which you can see the user's concern about the site domain name, many sites due to the importance of not paying attention to the domain name at the beginning, Randomly choose domain name for registration, to the last site developed mature, and spend a lot of money to buy the site with the main keywords related to the domain name, this is a typical waste of funds, I suggest no matter what type of site, we should be in the initial position of the site, select a good domain name, so that users in the search site brand, Our key words can be ranked Baidu first, the previous pig site has a competitor, they spend huge sums of money in Baidu to promote every day, preemption Pig first, but did not adhere to 1 months, the site will not go on, why? Because users know that the real pig Wang's domain name Zhubajie add COM, other sites can also preempt this position?

We choose the domain name when considering the search engine weight and the user's friendliness of the premise should also pay attention to a point, that is the confusion of Domain name choice, Chinese letters and numbers have a few very special features, such as 0 and o,2 and Z, we choose the domain name as far as possible in the middle of the domain name do not bring these letters, Because a lot of netizens are now in a state of carelessness, an inattentive to your site domain name confused, and finally he will think your site domain name is not logical and perfect, so I suggest we can learn Admin5 site domain name selection and Sina and so on domain name choice, their domain name is not easy to confuse, There are more famous Sohu, 163 and so on, these domain names are very good, have their own brand, and many are phonetic domain names.

We as a webmaster to enter the Internet to build a station, should hold a good learning heart to develop the site and establish a website, domain name selection is a site's fundamental and development of the core potential, in the choice of time must pay attention to the brand name choice and friendliness, should not stop the Web site development to finally help others do the wedding dress, It is not responsible for your own loss but also for your website. This article starts A5, by Real estate website Long handwriting, reprinted retains the author link, thanks.

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