Two practical new features in Excel 2007

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One, each page display header row

You can open or close the table header row in Excel 2007. If you open the table header row, we will display the header row on each page when we flip it.

1, if the original in Excel 2000 or Excel 2003 created the table, when you open with Excel 2007, click the Insert tab, click Table in the Expanded Table control group, and when the Create Table dialog box appears, check the table contains headings, and then click the OK button ( As shown in Figure 1). This creates a new worksheet in Sheet2, but the header row of the new worksheet appears slightly different from the original worksheet header row. (Figure 2)

2, click anywhere on the newly created worksheet, and the window title bar displays the table tools Word and Design tab (Figure 3). On the Design tab, in the Table Style Options control group, the header row check box is selected, and the header row is displayed at the top of each page when we page through the contents of the worksheet. (Figure 4)

3. If you create a new worksheet in Excel 2007, you should also open a blank worksheet and then click insert → table, which will also create a new worksheet in Sheet2, and then enter the header row and specific data on the new worksheet so that the header row can be "open" or "closed." (Figure 5)

Second, do not fill the fill handle directly

In previous versions, using a formula to calculate a column value, you would first enter a formula in the front cell, and then drag the fill handle to calculate the value of the column. In Excel 2007, just enter the formula and press ENTER without using the fill handle to automatically expand to all other rows. But the prerequisite is also to go through the "Insert → table" process. (Figure 6)

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