Two small stories from yuanyou

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There was a chicken farm where thousands of chickens were arranged separately in a small chicken cage. There was a conveyor belt in front of the chicken cage to send food for the chicken, followed by a conveyor belt to send down the eggs. However, I noticed that dozens of chicks were "happy" outside, and the breeders were feeding them.

So I asked: Do you want to help me get these chickens into the cage?

The breeder replied: Oh, these chickens are raised outside. If the chickens in the cage cannot see the free life of some chickens, they will lose confidence and will not get down. Without these chickens, others will give up everything and die.

Suddenly surprised to find out how similar our way of life is to these chickens. How many people are living in cages, watching others explore in the outside world, and realizing their dreams, let's live freely, and then continue the provincial capital in its cage.

The author described that he gave up a year at first, went to the outside world to see it, and finally gave up his career and became the one who was happy and comfortable.


An Indian and his friends walked to the bustling streets of the United States. The noise of the whole street was almost lost.

Suddenly an Indian said: I heard a cricket scream.

His friend said: What? Are you crazy? In such a quarrel, how can you hear the cry of a cricket?

But the Indian was very certain. He walked across the street to a cement slate, covered with shrubs. He looked in the bush and found a cricket there.

His friend asked: how did you do it?

The Indians said: there is nothing incredible. It depends on what is really important to you. Come here to tell you what's going on.

He took out a coin and threw it to the sidewalk. They found that almost all the people on the sidewalk looked down to see if they left the coin.

Do you understand? It all depends on what is most important to you.

Two small stories from yuanyou

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