Two ways for Word to produce multiple units of joint dispatch files

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Hair red-headed, often encounter multiple units at the same time, then how to use Word documents to produce multiple units joint document file head? Small make up this and everybody share 2 kinds of simple production method. Come on, learn!


Create a new Word document, enter the unit name of the dispatch, small knitting two dozen casually. Each unit name occupies a single natural segment.

Select all the text, set the font, font size, color (red), and text alignment to "distributed" from the Formatting toolbar.

Select the menu format-paragraph, and in the Open Paragraph dialog box, set the appropriate line spacing, such as the legend, with a fixed value of 26 points.

With all text selected, drag the left Indent button A and the right indent button B to place the unit in the appropriate position.

Click on the menu "insert"--"text box"--"Horizontal text box", enter the word "file", set text font, font size, zoom ratio (80%), Color (red).

Select the text box right-click, select Format Object, and in the Format Object dialog box, set fill color to no fill color, line color to wireless bar color, click OK.

Move the text box to the right location of the document unit, multiple units joint issued by the red head of the file head is completed.

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