Types of interrupt sources

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  1. Interruption caused by peripheral devices. Generally, the data cache register of the low-speed peripheral device is ready to receive or send data. The peripheral device is told to use DMA to complete the processing after a data transfer, and the peripheral device starts and stops, controls the peripheral devices. An error occurs at any stage of the input/output process.
  2. The interruption caused by the processor. For example, arithmetic operation overflow, Division 0, data validation error, and invalid data format.
  3. Memory interruption. For example, if the address is invalid, the memory is refreshed dynamically, the page of the primary storage is invalid, data or address verification is incorrect, and access to the primary storage times out.
  4. The interruption caused by the Controller. For example, illegal commands, undefined operation codes, user programs execute privileged commands, stack overflow, time slice in the system, switching between the operating system user State and privileged state.
  5. The interruption caused by the bus. Including input and output, bus errors, and memory bus errors.
  6. Real-time process interruption. For example, the sampling interruption of real-time devices sends control signals to some real-time control devices.
  7. Scheduled interruption of real-time clock
  8. In a multi-processor system, the interrupt sent from Other Processors controls the switch interruption.
  9. During program debugging, when a command is executed or the program runs to a preset breakpoint, It is interrupted to enter the monitoring program to track or detect the program.
  10. Hardware fault interruption. The monitoring program calls the diagnosis program to diagnose each part of the machine. If the diagnosis has no errors, the machine will be rebooted; otherwise, the machine will be stopped.
  11. Power Supply Failure interruption. At this time, all other work must be stopped to save all the state information of the processor. The content in the volatile memory

IBM machines generally divide interrupt sources into six types

  • Reboot interrupted
  • An error occurs during machine inspection. This error occurs when a hardware or software fault occurs.
  • Interruption caused by procedural errors. Including command or data format errors, illegal operation codes, primary storage protection errors, address out-of-bounds errors, and various operation overflow errors during program execution...
  • Access Management Program interrupted
  • External events are interrupted. Including various timer interruptions for timing, billing, and control
  • Input/Output interruption

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