U-boot for tiny210 (core: Samsung s5pv210) Update Summary

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The following article records the whole process of porting U-boot to an embedded development platform with s5pv210 as the core and analyzes the transplantation process in detail. The updates to U-boot for tiny210 will be summarized in this article.


Ver4.0 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/8558425 (support for SLC nandflash yaffs2 File System burn write)

Ver3.1 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/7438880 (add Automatic Identification NAND/MMC boot)

Ver3.0 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/7422627 (add nandboot Function★)

Ver2.2.2 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/7396596 (complete repair of SD card drive data CRC error problem)

Ver2.2.1 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/7383669 (solve the problem of Linux kernel/Android cannot be started, and network response speed problem)

Ver2.2 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/7366309 (add SLC nandflash driver)

Ver2.1 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/7340208 (SD card read/write error fixed)

Ver2.0 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/7315098 (add dm9000 driver, enable network function)

Ver1.0 http://blog.csdn.net/liukun321/article/details/7270426 (add tiny210 development board support for U-boot, Boot Mode SD card)

U-boot for tiny210 NFS boot Android root file system


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