U disk can not be formatted solution to teach you how to format the U disk

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U disk can not be formatted solution to teach you how to format the U disk

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Chipgenius u disk testing tools

U Disk mass Production tool


Repair with a disk repair tool that is available from Windows: Insert a U disk into the computer, open My Computer, right-click u disk Letter, in the pop-up right-click menu select "Properties", open the Properties dialog box, select the "Tools" tab, click "Start check" for error handling operations. After the completion of the U disk format operation.

USB disk for the killing of virus processing: If the above method or can not complete the U disk format operation, you need to a U disk killing virus. On the U disk letter on the right click, choose "360 Antivirus" to kill (note: In fact, we can choose any anti-virus software for the killing of virus treatment). Try to format the U disk again after the completion of the operation.

Under the Msdos force on the U disk format operation: The operation will first remove the U disk in the volume, and then perform the format of the U disk operation. According to experience, the benefit of this approach can basically solve most of the U disk cannot be formatted problems. How to operate: Press the "WIN+R" key combination on the keyboard, open the Run dialog box, enter cmd into the Msdos interface, and then enter the command "Format X:/x", where x: the disk symbol for u disk,/x performance forcibly unmount the volume so that all the handles on the volume are invalid.

★ Final Program ★ If the above method can not complete the format of U disk, you must use U disk mass production tool for repair operations. The basic idea is: First use U disk Detection tool to get the chip model of U disk, and then download the model on the network to repair the production tool. ★ Detect U Disk Chip model: Search on the internet to download the "Chipgenius", the installation is completed after the software, the program will automatically detect the parameters of U disk, from which to find U disk chip model. ★ Download the mass Production tool matching the chip model on the Internet, and after running the mass production software, insert U disk, the program will automatically check to the U disk (if the mass production tool can not identify u disk, please see the "solution Anguo mass production tools can not recognize the method of the U disk" part of the description), click "Low lattice" can complete the format of U disk.

method to solve the Anguo of the mass production tool to identify U disk

When using the Anguo mass production tool, if the mass production tool can not identify U disk, most is because the U disk is swag, the U disk itself ID model and mass Production tool related configuration file ID type does not match, the solution is: use Chipgenius to detect U disk when information, will appear PnP device Id:vid = xxxx PID = xxxx information, use this information to overwrite the production tool Alcormp.ini the corresponding value in the file, the change is completed to solve the problem.

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