Ubuntu Desktop Basic Office environment building

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Ubuntu Desktop Basic Office environment building

As previously emphasized, Linux systems are developer-friendly and not friendly to office staff. If you are a heavy office demand person and do not recommend using Linux Desktop, it is recommended to use Windows, and basically all of the best experience scenarios for large Office applications are implemented on Windows.

However, this article will take some space to explain how to build an office environment on Linux (Ubuntu), because developers will still have a certain program of Office office requirements, these application requirements on Linux can also find a corresponding alternative.

Although many book tutorials also have a Linux Office application explained, but because of the rapid development of the IT industry in recent years, the application of Linux market is not five years ago, and because of the popularity of smartphones and mobile applications of the powerful, Many of the Linux application weaknesses are now being compensated for, and will be described in detail later.

Note: This article, when speaking about Linux desktop systems, is generally the same concept as Ubuntu desktop.

1 Basic Office requirements

For the general office staff, the vast majority of application requirements are as follows:

    • Web browsing

    • Input
      • Pinyin input
      • Wubi input
    • Office suite

      Creation and editing of documents/tables/demos

    • Multimedia support
      • Image View
      • Music playback
      • Video playback
    • Tools

    • Mail Sending and receiving

    • Live Chat

    • Network hard disk

    • Office Collaboration

    • Web notes

2 Web browser

In Ubuntu's software Center, the Web browser provided is:

    • Firefox Firefox browser
    • Chrome Open Source Version chromium

If you want to download a stable version of chrome, you can download the Chrome stable version of the Linux platform directly on the Chrome web browser, which basically provides a non-discriminatory experience with Windows on Linux.

With a strong web browser, many of the office needs can be resolved through a browser:

    • Office suite

      Google-docs offers a complete suite of cloud offices

    • Mail Sending and receiving

      Currently the main mail provider has a good Web application interface

    • Office Collaboration

      Basically all Web application system based on B/s architecture can be used normally

Of course, local applications still have a certain degree of non-substitution, so the local alternatives to the application are described later.

3 Input Method

The input of text in the desktop system is the most basic interaction between the user and the computer system. Basically, the quality of the input method will become one of the most important indicators to measure whether a desktop system is friendly.

The current mainstream input methods are divided into: Pinyin input methods and Wubi input method. Both of these input methods have a complete alternative to Linux.

    • Pinyin Input Method

      Sougou Pinyin Input Method

    • Wubi input

      Fcitx-im wubi Pinyin

Basically continues the experience of the IME under Windows.

4 Office suite

Gnome offers a free libraoffice solution, with three of the most commonly used "writer/calc/impress " that correspond to "word/in Microsoft Office ", respectively. Excel/powerpoint". Of course, although the claim is similar, but there are relatively large differences, the migration to a new office environment or a certain amount of time costs, so the following is the recommended WPS solution.

WPS is a free office suite developed by Jinshan software company in China, and there is a corresponding installation version under Linux. WPS provides "text/table/demo" that corresponds to "word/excel/powerpoint" in Microsoft Office , respectively.

The operating habits of WPS and msoffice vary very little, and the format of the document is compatible with each other. The MSOffice user on Windows or the WPS user can basically switch seamlessly to the Linux WPS.

With WPS, users can easily create and edit documents/Forms/Presentations .

About the mind mapping software, Linux offers a free solution: Xmind. Features and operating habits continue to feature under Windows, enabling users to migrate seamlessly.

5 Multimedia Support

Gnome Desktop is provided by default desktop software, or through the software Center, users can install the corresponding multimedia software to meet the corresponding media and multimedia needs.

    • Graphics
      • GIMP Graphics editor
      • Gthumb Image Browser
    • Music

      Rhythmbox Music Player

    • Video
      • Totem Movie player
      • Mplayer
      • SMPlayer
6 Tools

Now in the era of rapid application of Internet technology, the picture has been successfully a relatively large proportion of information carriers, with mail or instant chat tools, images become a convenient and effective way to share information. Therefore, there is a more convenient tool is also an important application to improve office efficiency.

The functionality provided by the GNOME desktop by default will satisfy this requirement.

The basic features provided by the tool are:

    • Capture the entire screen
    • Intercepting the current window
    • Intercept the selected area

The corresponding shortcut key configuration is also available.

If you have the need to continue editing later, you can install a more professional editing tool shutterin the Application Center.

7 Mail and send

Although the author believes that the Web browser has provided an excellent experience for mail applications, it is also a good choice if the user is still accustomed to the local client, and the GNOME desktop provides the ThunderBird mail client by default.

8 Live Chat

For domestic users, Linux has been a big drawback is that there is no good real-time chat solution. And WEBQQ has now ceased maintenance, and the services provided by WEBQQ are also very unstable.

The currently available QQ solutions are:

    • Webqq
      • WEBQQ has officially stopped developing updates
      • The service provided by WEBQQ is also very unstable, often dropped and message delayed
      • Image information and file transfer feature not supported
    • Wineqq
      • Only for those who can be very frustrating.

So on Linux, it is generally not recommended too frustrating QQ solution, now smart phones so popular era, using mobile phone QQ can be.

A better IM solution on Linux is:.

Currently available web version, although not many functions, but the core features are:

    • Live Chat

    • Message sync sent to phone

      Mobile phone as a storage center for chat information, with greater mobility and ease of use

    • Support Picture Sending

    • Support File sending

    • Stable function, basic no drop line or message delay problem

    • The official has been continuously maintained and updated

Now the time is developing, the thought of instant chatting is really going to keep up with the rhythm.

9 Other applications

Due to the rapid development of mobile Internet, some new applications have emerged, which is also recommended:

    • Jinshan Fast Plate
      • Support for networked storage and multi-file synchronization
      • Mainstream PC platform and mobile platform client synchronization
    • To know the notes
      • Support Markdown
      • Support for document authoring and management
      • Supports all platform client synchronization
10 Final Summary

The above recommended Office applications are based on the acceptable "toss degree" can be built on the environment. In fact, if the user is purely for Linux under the office, rather than development, you can choose some natural for desktop Office development of the Linux desktop distribution, such as: Deepin Linux , the natural integration of all the Office software and AV software described above, But also integrated QQ, but because the change is relatively large, may not be suitable for developers as pure Linux to develop.

This article is the target audience is the developer, so these for desktop Office applications are generally point to stop attitude, the detailed procedures introduced the grasp of the standard is: I hope that the Linux system in order to meet the needs of developers productivity platform at the same time, do not have a serious lack of basic office needs.

Through the previous introduction and operation steps, basically can toss out a friendly at the same time to meet the basic office needs of the Linux desktop system. Can leave the user a large majority of the time on the Linux system, so that users learn Linux and increased familiarity with Linux is necessary, at least greatly reduced for the back of the Linux platform as the main productivity platform learning threshold.

It will take a lot of space to introduce Linux (non-desktop) knowledge and how to use it as a major productivity platform.

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Ubuntu Desktop Basic Office environment Setup

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