Ubuntu set time zone for central US time West six zone

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View the current Ubuntu system time zone

Date -: £ º +0800 

It shows the time in East eight and the GMT.

Then enter Tzselect follow the prompts to modify the corresponding time zone This example is modified to central US time west of the six district

~$ tzselectplease Identify a location so that TimeZone rules can be set correctly. pleaseSelectA continent, ocean,"coord", or"TZ". 1) Africa2) Americas3) Antarctica4) Arctic Ocean5) Asia6) Atlantic Ocean7) Australia8) Europe9) Indian OceanTen) Pacific Ocean One) Coord-I want to use geographical coordinates. A) Tz-i want to specify the Timezone using the Posix TZ format.#?2 pleaseSelecta country whose clocks agree with yours.1) Anguilla -) Haiti2) Antigua & Barbuda in) Honduras3) Argentina -) Jamaica4) Aruba to) Martinique5) Bahamas +) Mexico6) Barbados -) Montserrat7) Belize the) Nicaragua8) Bolivia *) Panama9) Brazil $) ParaguayTen) CanadaPanax Notoginseng) Peru One) Caribbean Netherlands -) Puerto Rico A) Cayman Islands the) St Barthelemy -) Chile +) St Kitts &Nevis -) Colombia A) St Lucia the) Costa Rica the) St Maarten (Dutch part) -) Cuba +) St Martin (French part) -) Curacao -) St Pierre &Miquelon -) Dominica $) St Vincent +) Dominican Republic $) Suriname -) Ecuador -) Trinidad &Tobago +) El Salvador -) Turks &Caicos is A) French Guiana the) states at) Greenland -) Uruguay -) GrenadaWuyi) Venezuela -) Guadeloupe the) Virgin Islands (UK) -) Guatemala -) Virgin Islands (US) -) guyana#?Ten pleaseSelectOne of the following Timezone regions.1) Newfoundland time, including SE Labrador2) Atlantic Time-Nova Scotia (Peninsula), PEI3) Atlantic Time-Nova Scotia (Cape Breton)4) Atlantic Time-New Brunswick5) Atlantic Time-labrador-Most locations6) Atlantic Standard Time-quebec-Lower North Shore7) Eastern Time-ontario & Quebec-Most locations8) Eastern Time-ontario & Quebec-places that does not observe DST1967-1973 9) Eastern Time-Thunder Bay, OntarioTen) Eastern Time-east Nunavut-Most locations One) Eastern Time-Pangnirtung, Nunavut A) Central Time-Resolute, Nunavut -) Eastern Standard Time-Atikokan, Ontario and Southampton I, Nunavut -) Central Time-Central Nunavut the) Central Time-manitoba &West Ontario -) Central Time-rainy River &Fort Frances, Ontario -) Central Standard Time-saskatchewan-Most locations -) Central Standard Time-saskatchewan-Midwest +) Mountain Time-alberta, East British Columbia &West Saskatchewan -) Mountain Time-West Nunavut +) Mountain Time-Central Northwest Territories A) Mountain Time-West Northwest Territories at) Mountain Standard Time-Creston, British Columbia -) Mountain Standard Time-dawson Creek &Fort Saint John, British Columbia -) Mountain Standard Time-Fort Nelson, British Columbia -) Pacific Time-West British Columbia -) Pacific Time-South Yukon -) Pacific Time-North yukon#? -The following information have been Given:canada Central Standard Time-Saskatchewan-Most locationstherefore TZ='America/regina'would be used. Local Timeis Now:fri Dec at  -: +: toCst .. Universal time is Now:fri Dec at  -: +: toUtc .. is the above information OK?1) Yes2) no#?1You can MakeThis change permanent foryourself by appending the line TZ='America/regina'; export Tzto thefile '. profile' inchyour home directory; ThenLog out and loginchagain. Here is the TZ value again, this TimeOn, output So, youcan Use the/usr/bin/tzselect commandinchShell Scripts:america/Reginamag[Email protected]:~$sudo CP/usr/share/zoneinfo/america/regina/etc/LocalTime [sudo] Password formag-Sit:mag[Email protected]:~$DateFri Dec at  -: -: $Cst .Mag[Email protected]:~$Date-RFri, atDec .  -: $: Geneva-0600

Ubuntu set time zone for central US time West six zone

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