Ubuntu11.04 3945abg wireless NIC Driver Installation

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Due to the need for wireless Internet access, the wireless driver of ubuntu11.04 is installed in full swing.

The first is "system settings" --> "hardware" --> "additional driver", and "no private driver is used on this system", that is, the driver for 3945abg wireless Nic cannot be found.

Then installedNdiswrapper, via "system settings" --> "system" --> "Windows Wireless DriverProgram", Find the Windows Wireless Driver inf file for installation. Find the INF by checking the driver file or Wireless Adapter Driver in the driver life. After using the "lshw-C network" command, the description does not display a wireless interface, therefore, the installation is still incorrect;

Finally, we finally succeeded using the following method...

Reference: http://www.blogjava.net/daning/archive/2008/07/09/213615.html

1. view the unlimited Nic chip: lspci

Find a line that represents an infinite network card and check your network card information at the beginning. For example:
03:00.0Network Controller: Intel Corporation Pro/wireless 3945abg [Golan] network connection (Rev02)

Then,. 0 is what you want.

Then run:Lspci-n

Find the row corresponding to the model, for example:
. 0 0280: 8086: 4227 (Rev 02)
The chip of the wireless network adapter is 8086: 4227.

If the model is the same, proceed !! Otherwise, it is not recommended.

2. Install ipw3945 microcode
Download ipw3945 microcode,
After decompression, copy the obtained ipw3945.ucode file to/lib/firmware/2.6.24-19-generic.
Note: The kernel version here is 2.6.24-19. replace this number with the current kernel version number based on your situation. You can run the "uname-R" command to view the current kernel version.

Sudo CP ipw3945.ucode/lib/firmware/2.6.24-19-Generic/

3. Install ipw3945 regulatory daemon

Download ipw3945 regulatory daemon,
After decompression, copy ipw3945d under x86 (x86_64 path for 64-bit machines) to the/sbin directory.

CP x86/ipw3945d/sbin

To make ipw3945d work, you need to perform some operations that have been written in two files, ipw3945d-start and ipw3945d-stop, respectively. We need to copy these files to/sbin and execute the following command:

Sudo CP ipw3945d-{start, stop }/Sbinsudo chmod+ X/sbin/ipw3945d-{start, stop}

For more details, see readme. ipw3945d

4. Install ieee80211
It is usually available in the kernel, especially in the kernel installed on Ubuntu. So I don't need to install it. If you do not have ieee80211 in the kernel, you need to install it. SeeHttp://ieee80211.sf.net/. Generally, UBUNTU users can skip this step.
5. Download ipw3945 1.2.2
To download version 1.2.2. If the link cannot be downloaded, you can download it from the attachment in this article. Get ipw3945-1.2.2.tgz
6. Download The ipw3945 patch
. This is a text file. Right-click and choose Save. Gets the ipw3945-1.2.2.patch file.
7. Patch
Decompress the ipw3945-1.2.2.tgz file, copy the ipw3945-1.2.2.patch file to the directory after the ipw3945-1.2.2.tgz is decompressed, and run the patch command

Patch-P1 <ipw3945-1.2.2. Patch

Enter ipw3945.h when prompted

8. Install ipw3945
Ipw3945-1.2.2.tgz decompressed directory, run intall command

Makesudo make installsudo chmod777/Sbin/IPW *

If a problem occurs, change make to "make ieee80211_ignore_duplicate = y ".

9. Add ipw3945 to the kernel startup and loading Module

Create a file/etc/modprobe. d/ipw3945

Sudo Vim/etc/modprobe. d/ipw3945

And add

Install ipw3945/sbin/modprobe-I ipw3945; sleep0.5;/Sbin/ipw3945d --Quietremove ipw3945/Sbin/ipw3945d -- kill;/sbin/modprobe-r-I ipw3945

Load Module

Sudo modprobe ipw3945

10. Restart your computer

After the restart, I found that the device was not hosted, so I went on to explore the next step ..

11. Change the/etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf file to the following, if not, the new build is as follows:

# This fileIsInstalled into/etc/NetworkManager, andIsLoaded by # NetworkManagerDefault.Override, Specify:'-- Config File'# During nm startup. This can be done by appending to daemon_optsIn# The file :##/Etc/Default/NetworkManager # [main] plugins=Ifupdown, Keyfile [ifupdown] managed=False

12. Change the/etc/NetworkManager. conf file to the following:

# This fileIsInstalled into/etc/NetworkManager, andIsLoaded by # NetworkManagerDefault.Override, Specify:'-- Config File'# During nm startup. This can be done by appending to daemon_optsIn# The file :##/Etc/Default/NetworkManager # [main] plugins=Ifupdown, Keyfile [ifupdown] managed=True

13. Restart your computer to use the wireless network.


Ifconfig wlan0 up: Enable the wireless indicator

Rfkill list: view the radio disabling status

Rfkill unblock all: Disable all devices

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