ubuntu14.04 upgrade a solution to the problem of "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode"

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When installing Docker on the ubuntu14.04, I didn't see it because of the blurred vision:

The sudo apt-get upgrade command was executed directly. And then there was a tragedy!

The following error occurred after rebooting!

And after clicking OK to enter the next step, you can no longer select other configuration options ... I was so mad at the time ...

The following information was found because my video card is incompatible with the kernel after upgrade. The answer on the network is: Upgrade the graphics driver. I knocked over the command, and then the egg!

Now there is only one route to choose from, which is to restore the system. Fortunately, I chose to keep the old kernel version when I upgraded.

In the above interface at the same time press CTRL+ALT+F1, enter the account password, access to the System Restore link, but can not execute, because this restore is also through the interface operation.

Later I thought of the command to view the kernel version when I installed Docker: uname-a, the result is that I have two kernel versions: the higher version, the natural one is the upgrade.

This is good, can I uninstall the high version? This will also achieve the effect of kernel version demotion.

Execute the following command in turn:

Dpkg--get-selections | grep linux-image

sudo apt-get remove high version kernel name



After the reboot finally saw the familiar interface!

Experienced this "accident", experience several points:

1.sudo Apt-get Upgrade not update the application, but update the entire kernel, it must be used with caution!

2. Backup is a good habit.

3. The most critical step in encountering an "accident" is figuring out why. Reasons come out, even if there is no ready-made online method, you can determine the solution based on the cause of the idea.

ubuntu14.04 upgrade a solution to the problem of "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode"

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