Ucancode release Upgrade e-form++ Visual Source Component Library 2015 new version (V23.01)!

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April 2015. Chengdu

Ucancode release Upgrade e-form++ Visual Source Component Library 2015 new version (V23.01)!

---Full performance boost, Ucancode the most powerful version ever released!

e-form++ Visual Source Component Library Enterprise version 2015 latest release! ( more than 500,000 lines VC + + source code, 14 years of development, value of millions of, 100% VC + source codes provided )!
("The only flow/diagramming Kits, provides full source code of the components for MFC and ActiveX in a single package!")

" the a powerful visual graphics editing program is a critical component for any modern application, and now Ucancode is ready for you! "

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Chengdu, China.

2015, the world's leading provider of industrial and simulation, GIS & CAD, flowchart , database and business process, workflow visualization component library Ucancode Software officially released its world-leading, highly-expanded mfc/vc++ and OCX Source Component Library Enterprise version 2015 latest version, which is another major, major upgrade to this source component library since the release of Vol.1 in early 2015 Ucancode It is also the most important upgrade activity of Ucancode software since its sale in China. e-form++ Visual graphics component Library Enterprise version 2015 is the most powerful and complete version of Ucancode, which adds and improves up to dozens of features, and this version also supports Visual Studio 2013 and Windows bits. This version has been greatly improved both in architecture and performance, and is the best choice for developing high-reliability enterprise applications.

1, the overall improvement of the HMI configuration solution, add a lot of functions, basically realize you take the past simple customization can be released into the product goals, such as:

Advanced Hmibuilder Solutions, providing the necessary integrated solutions to develop industrial control and simulation applications, volume production, variable setting, script editing, compilation and operation, and privilege management, with dozens of of the most difficult technologies required for industrial and simulation applications, saving up to 80% for developing this type of application 90% of the workload, the solution includes advanced features in the following areas:

1). ability to edit screen and script files simultaneously.

2). supports JScript and VBScript scripting languages, supports script file editing with Chinese support, and supports direct variable function display.

3). support the project to organize the development work of the HMI, in the same project can produce multiple pictures and scripts and edit variables.

4). ability to correlate graphical elements and scripts to dynamically execute script functions.

5). Both the client runner Hmiplayer and the runtime Web OCX Player on the web are provided.

6). provides up to 2000 graphic component libraries for configuration development.

7). support for importing SVG.

8). Most importantly, all source code (100% written in Visual C++/mfc) will be available to you in full with the official version, giving you a glimpse into the design secrets of top-level projects.

9). Support import of Flash SWF file, support play animated GIF file.

2 , comprehensively improved and amended the the various functions of GIS solution, add the GIS image digitization, grid, mouse wheel zooming, positioning and roaming and other practical functions, such as:

Version 2015 provides a new configuration function directly on the GIS vector map, where you can open any ArcGIS map as a background and then configure it on that basis. Such as:

3. Comprehensive improvement of the advanced modeling and Simulation visualization package, which includes a large number of high-end technologies that must be developed to develop sophisticated simulation and modeling software, including:
1), develop a visual source solution similar to MATLAB modeling and simulation, provide T-junction function similar to MATLAB, be able to connect the cable on the connecting line, and provide professional component Designer, such as:

(Added sub-map editing function, automatic canvas size extension function, T-link function, sub-graph linking function, etc.)

2), PSASP (ETAP) Power Simulation and modeling visual source solution, support similar to PSASP (ETAP) engineering management, horizontal, vertical bus link, multi-break chain wiring and other advanced features:

and move the arrow flow, logic Analysis and other simulation interface.

3), power geographic Wiring diagram Visual Source solution, support single-line, two-wire, three parallel lines draw:

4), Multisim Circuit Simulation and modeling visual Source solution, in the same project can be simultaneously circuit design and script editing, and provide design and operation of the two operating states, all functions can be freely extended, to the military, aerospace, energy, microelectronics and other fields to provide the best solution, Save up to 80% development time for developing similar applications:

5), Dasylab Simulation and modeling of Visual Source solutions:

You can simply drag the component packages from the list on the left to form components and flexibly configure the number of input and output ports for the component as needed, and create a link relationship between the ports. Reserved run mode interface.

4. fully upgrade the function of Shapedesigner, add a lot of industrial control and simulation components, and add the path animation, multi-state element creation, arbitrary closed polygon water meter drawing, animation button making, free to modify the property values of any graphic element, SVG import and so very advanced features, so that the design of any professional, beautiful appearance of graphic components is a breeze, the only thing not to change is the official version will provide the program's 100%vc++ source code ...

5. Further improve the screen designer diagrameditor functions, can fine edit the details and position of each component, be able to freely control the status of the elements on the screen and set 4 unique ID values, including the name, can freely draw a polygon line with the flow effect, etc.:

6. The function greatly expands the CAD, supports 2 points to draw the garden, 3 points draws the garden, 3 points draws the arc, the 3 points draws the ellipse, draws many kinds of callout lines and so on:

Professional graphics management, direct drag of the element storage mode, while supporting the import of AutoCAD DXF file directly for editing, and provide the export to DXF file format model interface.

7. Visioapp's examples have been greatly improved, including more extensive flowchart designs, richer chain wiring types, and more advanced auto-alignment capabilities , making e-form++ Basically, you don't need to write any code to develop an application that is so close to the latest Visio features :

8. New pipeline with pipelining function example, pipe width, border color, pipeline color, water speed, etc. can be freely controlled:

9. New examples of meteorological design:

10. Fully add and revise the source code of the Advanced Integration solution of the Ucancode business process, and truly associate the design of the business process with the creation of the electronic form, which will save a lot of development time for you to develop the application based on business process BPM:

1). Manage it in the form of a project.

2). Can freely design various styles of electronic form files, providing dozens of kinds of electronic form-specific components.

3). Provide a large number of components specifically for business process BPM to quickly build a variety of complex business flowcharts.

4). It is possible to directly associate the various nodes of the business with the electronic forms, and to access each node through the business process.

5) ...

11. Comprehensive improvement of the report and database content printing function, can open any ODBC-compliant data sources, and the need to print the database table fields dragged onto the canvas, can automatically according to the database records to match the data printed output.

12. Add dozens of new advanced graphics components that will make it easier for you to develop applications such as industrial control and simulation, GIS and CAD, electronic forms and business processes, printing, flowcharts, circuit design, and more:

13. You can put any Windows control into the canvas, and the system provides controls such as list controls, grid controls, and real-time curves:

14. Provides the path animation function, can set the object's motion to draw arbitrarily the polygon route, only need to fix a fixed value to let it move to the specified position.

15. The new SVG import and export plug-in, you can directly import the third-party SVG vector graphics file design into the canvas, but also can be e-form++ design graphics components exported to the SVG format, such as:

16, add XML file access plug-in, support the XML file to save and read, such as:

17, comprehensively improve and update the e-form++ and related documents.

18. Ucancode provides tools that can directly convert any WMF or EMF file to SVG vector graphics files, and if you purchase the e-form++ Extreme version, you can obtain the source code for this tool:

e-form++ for wince release , This version is e-form++ Common Windows version of the win CE transplant, 90% Can be called directly from the normal Windows version.

19. Provide full support. NET's configuration solution.

Now you can use Hmibuilder directly to design your configuration screen, define variables, scripts, animations, and more. Then use the HMI OCX control in C # to load the screen directly and configure it, such as:

Ucancode new UML Sequence Diagram graphical Visual Source solution:

The source code is all available, and all features can be customized and extended as needed:

21. New Release IEC61131 PLC graphics Visual Source Solution < global unique >.

22, added Bcgsoft integration demonstration:

23. Added Codejock XTP Pro Integration examples, such as:

24. the source code of the other more than 50 new feature points.

25, faster running speed, higher performance, 2015 version of the increase e-form++ performance test program, simulation on the canvas for more than 40,000 graphic components for smooth editing and processing, fully demonstrated the e-form++ excellent stability and high performance.

26, new and improved the Codejock and Bcgsoft matching solution source.

27, new programming and code automatically generated solutions, such as:

Programming code (VB style) is generated automatically.

... ...

New technology, whole new product, new experience!

Developing a system software is a time-consuming and risky task, especially when your application needs to support SCADA &hmi visual graphical interfaces, GIS & CAD data, database and report printing, complex connection diagrams, and drag-and-pull operations. Such applications require users to be able to dynamically adjust various data relationships and to handle very complex data flows. So developing this kind of application not only requires developers to handle a large number of very complex Windows GDI calls, but also requires complex mathematical calculations. This is going to be a very time-consuming and laborious job.

The e-form++ Visual Graphics component library is Ucancode's global leader in C + + component libraries (including%100 VC + + Source Code with full support for Visual C + + 5.0,6.0 and Visual Studio.NET). The system supports unlimited repeat cancellation, WYSIWYG printing, full-featured vector editing, and scalable process editing capabilities. With a fully open architecture, you can quickly add components to your application with just dozens of lines of code, and associate the various components with a specific database. The system is suitable for applications such as developing industrial processes, electronic maps, GIS, circuit design, workflow, graphic typesetting, educational training, case, CAD, CAM, chemical processes, statistical analysis charts, and various drawing programs, using the fe-form++ Visual Graphics component library to build your application. You only need a few simple steps, a powerful system is created. This will save you a few months of development time, and greatly improve your development efficiency.

e-form++ Visual graphics Component Library Enterprise version in Visual Studio 97,visual Studio 98,visual Studio.NET 2002,visual Studio.NET 2003, Visual Studio.NET 2 005,visual Studio 2008 and under the latest Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2012 has been rigorously tested.

--so far, the Ucancode software e-form++ Visual graphics component library has been widely used in thousands of customers in dozens of countries around the world!

For more information on the e-form++ source Code component library, please visit:

We have specially prepared a product tutorial for you on e-form++, which you can access through the following locations:

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About Ucancode Software

Ucancode Software China, the company is located in Chengdu High-tech development zone and Shenzhen South Mt. District Science and Technology Park. As a global leader in high-quality C++/MFC flowchart, Workflow Source component provider, Ucancode software has over 15 years of C++/MFC component building experience, the company developed form++ series 100% source code component library, widely used in including: power, military , coal, chemical, scientific research, energy and other monitoring software as well as graphic analysis and modeling, class CAD software, industrial SCADA system, ERP process design system, workflow design, intelligent electronic form system, complex report design and printing system, graphics management, graphic topology analysis, GIS geographic Information system, Engineering drawings and other fields. It is currently used by thousands of customers in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our typical customers include: AOL, Qualcomm (QUALCOMM), France Alstom (ALSTOM), British Rolls-Royce Aircraft Industry Co., Korea Hyundai Motor, LG Electronics, US SIM military, Japan Oki etc hundreds of global top 500 companies At home, our typical customers are: China Aerospace, China National Bureau of Statistics, China Electric Power Research Institute, China Coal Research Institute, China Metallurgical Institute, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Air Force Equipment Research Institute, CAS computer, CAS Automation Institute and Ministry of Electronics industry 30, 57, and including Shenzhou Digital, Dayang motor and other large companies.

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Ucancode release Upgrade e-form++ Visual Source Component Library 2015 new version (V23.01)!

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